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2023 Q2 - Product Updates

We are thrilled to unveil the latest advancements from the  MetaRouter development team in our Summer 2023 product update. Whether you're a dedicated MetaRouter customer or simply curious about the cutting-edge advancements in customer data infrastructure, this is your gateway to all the exciting updates. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to your dedicated MetaRouter account team or get in touch with us directly. Let's dive in and explore what's in store for you!

New Product Features

Audit Log

We’re getting ready to release a brand new feature to the MetaRouter platform - Audit Logs! This is a new tab that will appear on your Organization’s home screen, where you can quickly see details about changes that have been made to your MetaRouter configurations, who applied them, and when they were made. This is a critical component to ensuring that your organization has full transparency into changes that materially affect how your downstream vendors function.

Event Tracing

MetaRouter now supports Event Tracing, which is an important function for troubleshooting specific events. Because the Event Debugger (currently available via the MetaRouter CLI) only provides a sample of events, this can make it difficult to pinpoint specific events that you’d like to troubleshoot. Now, it is easy to flag any event you produce within your browser to be made available in the Event Debugger, utilizing the analytics.trace(true) function.

Schema Reporting Updates

We’ve been busy making improvements to the Schema Reports feature including:

  • Exporting Schema Reports is now available. Reports will be exported in JSON format.
  • Schema Reports now show when multiple data types exist within an array. They will also clearly distinguish between arrays of objects, strings, ints, and booleans.
  • You can now view Schema Reports for multiple pipelines which offers greater flexibility when troubleshooting.

Sync Injector Updates

Support Multiple Tag/Pixel IDs for Facebook & Pinterest

Some organizations have multiple tag or pixel IDs which need to be passed to their vendors. For example your Marketing team might have a different ID than your Sales team. With this upgrade we now support this capability for both Facebook and Pinterest. 

Integration & Sync Updates


Roku is now available for MetaRouter customers. Our integration replaces the Roku tag with a server-side tag that enables Roku customers to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns launched within their ad platform.

Google Ads

While we’ve previously supported sending audience segments from Google Analytics to Google Ads via our Google Analytics integration + Gtag Sync Injector sync, we now support sending event data directly to Google Ads for measurement and audience segment building as well. This integration is currently in closed Beta but will be made generally available soon.

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