For Page Performance

A Paradigm Shift in Site Performance

Third-Party tracking scripts are no longer a necessary evil. With MetaRouter, reduce and eliminate third-party calls from the page.

Turn the Tide on Tag Chaos

Third-Party Tracking Contributes to Poor UX and Site Performance

The years of mismanaging third-party tracking tags have resulted in dozens of tags typically being loaded on most websites. The result is seen in: Slow website load times, worse user experiences as tag loading block the assets they want to interact with, higher bounce rates. All of this culminates in lower conversion rates and lost digital revenue.

Seize Control of Page Latency

A Modern CDI Solves Tag-Induced Page Latency

You’ve spent years optimizing your website to deliver the best user experiences and have reaped the SEO benefits as a result. By reducing the number of third party tags on your page, our clients observed:

Increase in RoAS, CPA and Website Conversion Rate
Desktop Lighthouse score uplift (SEO)
250 ms
Latency savings per tag replaced by MetaRouter
Elevate Performance & UX

Address Site Performance and UX Issues Stemming from Third-Party Tracking

Excessive third-party tracking tags, typically loaded on most websites, can lead to detrimental site performance and user experience issues. MetaRouter's solution effectively solves this by:

  • Improving website load times
  • Better UX with faster time-to-interactive
  • Reduction in bounce rates
  • Boost in conversion rates leading to increased revenue
  • Improved scoring on Lighthouse, PageSpeedInsights and other tools
A Leap in Site Performance

MetaRouter Improves Your Website Experience

When you integrate with your vendors server-side with MetaRouter, you significantly reduce and, in most cases, eliminate the need for any third-party tracking scripts to run on your website.

Make anonymous identity calls once, and persist your vendors’ identifiers in a first-party cookie
Fire behavioral calls one time, instead of duplicating the same call for each vendor
See your site performance improve for each tag removed

See what Server-side Tracking Can Offer

Check out our growing library of integrations, run a tag scan on your website, or contact us to see how MetaRouter can help.