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First-Party Data Collection

Ad blockers and browsers are presenting significant challenges to third-party tracking, hindering organizations from accessing data they've worked hard to get. These tools, while aiming to protect user privacy, can inadvertently obstruct legitimate data collection efforts. Organizations are increasingly finding it challenging to obtain the valuable insights they need to enhance their services and user experiences.

First-Party Focus, Better Tracking

Putting You Back
in the Driver's Seat

MetaRouter stays ahead of the curve, ensuring compliance with Safari ITP, privacy regulations, and other user protection measures. The fact that we’re a first-party data infrastructure gives your organization tracking benefits because you own the tracking- not third-party vendors. You’re the best steward of your customer data - and will see better tracking because of it.

Powering Persistent, Privacy-Friendly Tracking

Completely Own Your Customer Data Collection

Ensure Maximum Data Collection with First-Party Data

MetaRouter enhances your data ownership by sending events your website produces to a first-party data collection domain. This unique process ensures seamless data collection without being obstructed by tracking blockers. No proxies, just clear, direct collection.

Optimize First-Party Cookies for Persistent Device Tracking

MetaRouter's first-party cookies persist even in the presence of ad blockers and Safari ITP. Your owned domain sets the tracking cookie, including an anonymous device ID and vendor-specific third-party IDs, ensuring a consistent view of device behavior, which can be linked to a user later.

Own Your Tracking File, Enhance Collection and Control Updates

Modern tracking blockers distinguish between first-party and third-party tracking files. With MetaRouter, host your own tracking file for improved control and real-time updates, keeping data collection in your hands.

Discover the MetaRouter Difference

Unlock the full potential of your customer data with MetaRouter's powerful data infrastructure. Experience data-driven marketing like never before.