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Next-Gen Data Transformation with Advanced Mapping and Filtering

Experience maximum flexibility and customization for your data transformations without the hassle of complex setups. Unlike traditional client-side integrations that conceal the data manipulation process, MetaRouter empowers you with transparency and total control over your integrations, putting you in the driver's seat.

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Unparalleled Control and Precision In Your Data Integrations

When it comes to your sensitive customer data, trust matters. With MetaRouter, you can confidently trust and control your data by explicitly and effortlessly mapping each parameter for every vendor. Make informed decisions on exactly what data is shared with who, enhancing your data security and privacy.

Data transformation made easy

Experience Effortless Data Transformation

Rest assured that your data consistently reaches your vendors in your preferred format. With MetaRouter's robust data transformation capabilities, you can streamline and customize data delivery to meet your exact specifications.

  • Hash inputs before they reach vendors
  • Adjust and enforce data types
  • Make minor changes like enforcing snake case or camel case, or vice versa
  • And plenty more!
Empowering Teams with Data Democracy

Empowering Teams with Enhanced Data Accessibility

MetaRouter democratizes integration configurations by providing user-friendly transformation options that any team member can use. For more complex tasks, MetaRouter offers code-based transformations capable of achieving everything traditional mappings can, plus:

  • Advanced Server-Side Computation: Efficiently compute complex fields involving multiple parameters without relying on browser-based calculations.
  • Extensive Code-Based Transformations: MetaRouter offers a powerful code-based transformation feature that allows users to execute intricate data transformations, providing flexibility for handling complex data scenarios.
  • Customized Mapping Capabilities: With MetaRouter, you can create highly tailored data mapping configurations to address unique transformation needs, ensuring precise handling of complex data structures.
  • Advanced Transformation Libraries: MetaRouter incorporates advanced transformation libraries and tools to simplify complex data transformations, making it easier for users to manipulate and process data efficiently.

Discover the MetaRouter Difference

Unlock the full potential of your customer data with MetaRouter's powerful data infrastructure. Experience data-driven marketing like never before.