Improve Customer Data Governance

Data governance is at the heart of what makes a modern CDI an integral component to your customer data strategy. It goes far beyond simple tag governance. Discover what moving to completely server-side integrations will deliver for your organization.

Privacy First, Always

Enhanced User Privacy

By choosing to do business with your organization, your users are entrusting you to handle their private information in a compliant and respectful manner. This expectation is increasing over time, as are the penalties for not behaving in a privacy-centric manner. Prior to MetaRouter, the placement of third-party tags on your website meant giving your vendors access to potentially sensitive information.

  • Gain full control over every data parameter delivered
  • Reduce the potential for data leakage and breaches on your website
  • Prevent 3rd parties from accessing sensitive data

Data Processing Sovereignty

MetaRouter offers high levels of data security and governance through private cloud or platform as a service deployment, providing a first-party data collection tool to unlock powerful marketing, analytical, and ad-tech capabilities.

Single-Tenant, Always

MetaRouter will never co-mingle your data with any other organization’s. Your MetaRouter platform is single tenant regardless of whether your platform is installed on our cloud or your own.

Geographic Flexibility

Whether it’s for complying with increasingly stringent regulations like GDPR or reducing server latency, control where your data is processed down to the server region. MetaRouter supports them all.

Uptime, Uncompromised


Vendor API outages can cause massive headaches for anyone who needs to access customer data. With more teams finding ways to integrate this data into their workflow, a customer data outage can grind your organization to a halt.

  • Fully mitigate the effects of vendor API outages
  • Automatic data retry for all events if they’re not accepted the first time
  • Data Replay provides a backup of all events, including identifiers, timestamps, and other vital information, that can be sent back through the platform and on to vendors at a later date.
Efficiency at Volume

Reliable At Scale

We’ve been pressure tested at the scale of some of the most heavily visited retail and media websites in the world. Our Kubernetes-based data processing engine is capable of saving infrastructure costs when traffic is low and quickly scaling up when spikes in traffic are anticipated or detected, providing your organization the right balance of processing performance and efficiency.

Delivery rate
14 Billion
Events delivered each month
Shield Against Disruptions

Disaster Mitigation

Using third-party tags to handle data tracking introduces uncontrollable reliability risks that can easily grind teams to a halt. Vendor API outages do happen. If client-side tags are in charge of handling data processing, that data will be lost forever, skewing reports and negatively impacting ROI derived from customer data. CDIs should be able to ensure that when disasters do strike, you can blunt the effects and get back to normal as quickly as possible.


Data Quality and Schema Governance

Ensure data consistency, accuracy, and compatibility across various parts of the platform and destinations. The MetaRouter Data Quality layer empowers users to effectively manage and control the foundational schema. This layer not only enhances data quality but also promotes controlled integration, streamlines playbooks and ensures strong data protection in downstream systems.

  • Identify your customer data schema
  • Define, debug and enforce the quality of your schemas
  • Track customer data in real-time
  • Ensure data consistency and accuracy across your destinations

Take Control of Your Customer Data

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