About MetaRouter

At MetaRouter, we’re revolutionizing the way enterprise organizations manage customer data. Our platform built for server-side data processing and routing enables us to deliver critical solutions, including unprecedented ID management, significantly faster page load times, and rock-solid consent and compliance tools.

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People First

How We Got Here

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and global organizations focused on first-party data, we provide a firm data foundation to securely and compliantly manage customer data.


MetaRouter Opens its Doors as one Fortune 50 prospect faced a monumental challenge: their IT team mandated the removal of all third-party tags from their website. The loss of third-party marketing and advertising tags meant the loss of those tools, which generated billions in revenue.


The prospect partners with MetaRouter to integrate their data server side. This enabled IT to successfully limit tag exposure while marketing continued to run all revenue-generating activities. The solution also streamlined user consent enforcement, addressing compliance and regulation concerns and uniting multiple teams that had previously been at odds.


MetaRouter plants in Headquarters in Denver, Colorado.


After seeing the far-reaching benefits for an enterprise organization—as well as the rising stakes of compliance—MetaRouter narrowed its focus to almost exclusively enterprise.


MetaRouter signs partnerships with several of the world's top CDP's, SI's and Integration Partners.

Building For What's Next

Mission and Core Values

We make it possible for every enterprise to collect data in a 1st-party context and carefully and compliantly route it to 3rd-party tools or partners.

By eliminating the use of 3rd-party tags and moving digital advertising and marketing server-side, our clients not only keep customer data more private and secure but also see a dramatic increase in website performance, which leads to improved SEO, better return on advertising, and increased revenue.

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