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Why partner with MetaRouter?

The Ingestion Mechanism for Your Data

We provide an easy-to-use event orchestration spec that gives your customers a well-documented solution for collecting customer data in near real-time.

Customer Data Activation

We build to vendor audience APIs so your organization doesn’t have to waste time managing API connections. Our focus on third-party addressability turns data activation into a significant strength.

The “Compliant-by-Design” Solution

Organizations subject to compliance regulations like HIPAA, CCPA or PCI DSS can set all their own parameters within their private data infrastructure, ensuring that your platform is only operating with compliant customer data.

Industry-leading Expertise

We’ve been working on server-side data integration solutions longer than just about anyone else in the market. We’ll ensure that your organization is setup for data tracking success in the evolving landscape of customer data.

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Don’t see your product in our library? Let’s create a server-side offering our enterprise clients can easily implement.

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Open to new opportunities

Maybe you’re a consultant, a dev shop, or website optimization tool. If you think any of our benefits or features could be a fit for your offering, we’d love to meet.

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Improve conversion, retention and cost per acquisition.

We have seen customers 2x+ their pipeline without increasing marketing spend by using data from MetaRouter in CaliberMind’s CDP.

Nic Zangre
VP Customer Success & Revenue Operations

Partner Perks

Private Cloud Data Routing

By deploying the platform on any private cloud, even MetaRouter’s access to data is restricted.

Reduced Latency

Re-integrating browser tags server-side can significantly improve website speed (700ms for every three integrations).

Improved Data Accuracy

Make one call for data and route it consistently across partners, reducing variability by ~ 30%.

Increased Security

Have total transparency into (and control over) exactly what data you’re sending to which third parties.

Total Compliance

Eliminate the risk of non-compliance by letting our team and technology keep your data compliant.

Flexible Data Infrastructure

No more black boxes. Shape your data and the processes handling it by using our "playbook" model.

3% Increase in revenue.

One Fortune 50 retailer came to us because their website wasn’t loading fast enough. They were losing steam in critical areas, like user retention, SEO rankings and revenue.

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