Elevate Trust with Data Privacy and Compliance

With user privacy now at the forefront of your customers’ minds, your organization needs to pay special attention to how all data- especially sensitive and personal information- is collected, stored and distributed externally.

Confidence in Compliance

The Power of Intentional Data Collection

MetaRouter's Customer Data Infrastructure (CDI) provides the assurance of understanding the personal and sensitive data you gather, the collection methods employed, and the protocols for anonymization or pseudonymization. It grants you insight into how your internal teams may employ this data or share it with vendors. Upholding a privacy-forward approach is the key to ensuring utmost customer data privacy and compliance. By making deliberate decisions regarding data collection and its allocation to vendors, you can proactively safeguard your organization from any unforeseen mishandling of customer data.

Enforce Data Collection and Integration Controls

As the team in charge of ensuring data is handled in a privacy-safe manner, your team needs full control over the initial collection of customer data, and how that data might be used for internal or sharing purposes. Without the proper control mechanisms in place, it’s only a matter of time until someone within your organization misuses sensitive data and causes a costly that you will be responsible for fixing.

Evaluate Your Data

As a part of your onboarding with MetaRouter, you will have the opportunity to closely evaluate every piece of data that is collected off of your website.  This process ensures that you have complete control over your data stream. Always.

Data Collection Transparency

Once you’ve built a raw data stream that contains all the data you could send to vendors, your organization gets to determine the data that is sent on a per-vendor basis.

Map, Transform and Filter

With MetaRouter you have nearly unlimited transformation options. Ensure that data reaches your vendors in the format you’d prefer with data transformation and filtering capabilities.

Clear View of Your Data

Data Collection Transparency

Once you’ve implemented privacy controls on your data stream, you need to know that those controls are actually working. MetaRouter provides visibility into incoming data schemas without exposing sensitive PII, making it a privacy-safe tool to ensure that data is being collected and sent to vendors properly.

Seamless Consent Integration

Integrate Your Consent Management Platform

Consent Management Platforms traditionally stop short of data syndication enforcement. With MetaRouter, align your users captured consent affinity with data routing guidelines that align with privacy purposes. MetaRouter brings consent preferences to your server-side event stream, guaranteeing compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and the many data privacy laws being introduced today.

Take Control of Your Customer Data

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