Solving CDI Challenges for Media and Publishers

Media companies and publishers rely on customer data to drive users towards the content that is best suited for them. MetaRouter makes this even more effective while respecting user privacy.

Compliance-Centric Innovation

Built for the Age of Compliance

MetaRouter ensures your organization is prepared for the now and future of compliance:

  • Consent enforcement within your data stream ensures you won’t be subject to expensive and brand-damaging regulatory penalties
  • Hash, filter and remove PII and other sensitive information on an as-needed basis
  • Tag removal limits exposure to nefarious tracking by third-parties
Your Data, Your Way

Enhance Your Customer Data Control

MetaRouter puts you in complete control over where your data goes, and how it gets there. Our intuitive data mapping and transformation capabilities make it easy for you to shape your data to your specific needs.

Transform Identity Tracking

Supercharged Identity Tracking

With better compliance and control, your media organization also gains improved cookie-based identifier persistence. Our first-party approach ensures you have maximum tracking efficacy based on current browser and ad blocker restrictions.

  • 365 days of tracking in Safari
  • Ad blockers don’t block MetaRouter because they can’t pattern-match against custom identity tracking configurations (which we unlock)

Take Control of Your Customer Data

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