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Third-Party Tags Are a Thing of the Past

Third-party tags utilize flexible javascript- meaning they’re a privacy liability for your organization. With MetaRouter, take complete control over tags and data processing that live in a server environment that you own.

Refined Data Handling

Server-Side Tag Management

It’s the next evolution of how to manage your website tagging environment. Instead of managing how javascript code is firing on your page, make clear decisions on every data parameter you collect to ensure sensitive data doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Moving to a server-side tag manager offers:

  • Access to more consistent data across your vendors
  • Improved page performance
  • Strengthened data privacy controls
One Tag, Many Possibilities

A Single Tag for All Data Collection

MetaRouter offers a single tag that performs page, behavioral, identity, and third-party identifier resolution packaged into one code library. It means a reduction in duplicative tracking and identity calls while giving your developers an easy-to-use data collection tag.

Identity Mapping Reimagined

Third-Party Identity in Your Hands

The ecosystem of third-party identity is in constant flux. Third-party cookie deprecation, stringent tracking restrictions, and other measures are making harder than ever to understand who your users are. MetaRouter’s Sync Injector evolves as fast your vendors do, ensuring that addressable cookie-based IDs, URL decorators, and others are included within your event stream.

Tailored Data Processing

Map, Transform, and Filter Your Way

Convert each incoming data parameter to vendor-specific parameters according to your preferences. We’ll provide templates for you to use, but ultimately how you send data to MetaRouter, how you map it to your vendors, and how you transform or filter it in-transit is up to you.

Integrations that Power Possibilities

Dozens of Powerful Integrations

Each MetaRouter integration is careful thought through and designed to deliver maximum flexibility and efficacy when data is delivered to downstream vendors. Each integration relies solely on server-side integrations, so your integration preferences are applied to each data parameter- always.

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