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Join a team of passionate and driven professionals dedicated to empowering success.

We are Redefining Customer Data Infrastructure

MetaRouter is a talented and remote yet team-driven company that has the ambition to build a CDI that focuses on data governance and compliance. We are seeking individuals who are not only talented but also thrive in a collaborative atmosphere. Together, we can achieve remarkable things and make a lasting impact on the Customer Data Infrastructure industry.

Learn more about our interview process

To support you in your preparation, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that often arise during our interview process.

Perks & Benefits

Remote-first culture with flexible hours

With teammates all over the world, work where you’re inspired.

Tech stipend

Choose your preferred equipment to accomplish your goals.

And much more...
  • Comprehensive healthcare
  • Learning and development
  • 401K options
  • Flexible savings account

Competitive salary
& generous time off

Balance. It means something here. Work with your teammates to take the time you need to stay focused, fresh and recharged.

Our Mission

By eliminating the use of 3rd-party tags and moving digital advertising and marketing server-side, our clients not only keep customer data more private and secure but also see a dramatic increase in website performance, which leads to improved SEO, better return on advertising, and increased revenue.

Be Kind

We strive to ensure our communication is honest, caring and sincere.

Be Curious

A humility that acknowledges individual and corporate limitations to our current level of understanding.

Be Excellent

Conducting our work with diligence and a high degree of care.

Be Transparent

Promptly sharing clear, useful and thoughtful information whenever it is appropriate to do so.

Be Engaged

Proactive connection with others and
a careful willingness to participate beyond one's responsibilities.

We believe customer data handling should not be outsourced: enterprises should be responsible for the collection, processing, and distribution of their data.


To further support you in your preparation, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that often arise during our interview process. By familiarizing yourself with these questions, you can confidently craft well-thought-out responses and demonstrate your suitability for the role.

Will I receive notifications about the status?

We will not send any automatic updates, but you can feel free to ask direct questions about your status with any team member with whom you connect.

Is working from the office required for this position?

Nope! We don’t have an office. But we do have a worldwide Regus co-working space membership and some other options if you prefer to work in an office space. We try to do 1-2 in-person retreats each year.

How frequently does the remote team have meetings?

Every week, the entire team meets for “Vista” during which we review housekeeping items, specific team deep dives (usually one team per vista), and celebrate wins.

What does "generous time off" entail?

It’s similar to “unlimited vacation time” but with the expectation that you’ll work directly with your manager to take the time you need/desire without negatively impacting your teammates (and vice versa). Our goal is to strike a balance for everyone without creating/causing burnout.

What to expect from our interview process

The interview process at MetaRouter is tailored to the specific role and level you are applying for. Please note that the following serves as a general overview of a typical interview process and may vary.

1. Application review
2. Video call interview with the Talent Team
3. Interview with the hiring manager
4. Technical interview
5. Offer