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Fast, Flexible and Secure Data Routing

MetaRouter Enterprise is a private, cloud-agnostic, streaming data platform designed for companies with sensitive data. Deploy an end-to-end data router on your own private cloud – maximizing control & flexibility.

Designed to give your team total control over your streaming data and the systems processing it.

Why MetaRouter Enterprise?

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Own your own data-router.

Why expose your sensitive user data to 3rd party processors? With MetaRouter Enterprise, you own the data-routing system from start to finish, ensuring the highest level of security and control. Don’t worry, we’ve got the infrastructure all ready to go.
Own the Platform

Deploy MetaRouter on-prem or within your own private cloud, maximizing security.

Own the Data

Keep data secure in your cloud. Share across departments, how and when you desire.

Own the Compliance

Eliminate the exposure risks of 3rd-party data processors and ensure GDPR compliance.

Run a completely modular and customizable data-routing system on any cloud or environment you choose. We provide a full data-routing ecosystem, but you choose which pieces you need.


Only the components you need.


Only the components you need.

Run a completely modular and customizable data-routing system on any cloud or environment you choose. We provide a full data-routing ecosystem, but you choose which pieces you need.
Cloud Agnostic

Run MetaRouter on your AWS, GCP, Azure or other cloud environment.


Choose only components you need – ingester, conditioner, router or forwarder.


Easily share raw data between internal groups. Enrich, inform and collaborate.


Drastically reduce page latency.

Reduce latency, bounce rates and the impact of ad-blockers by moving pixels and tags to the server. Secure and complete data collection… without sacrificing user experience.
Kill the Tags

Reduce redundant data collection and unnecessary page bloat.

Eliminate Latency

Decrease browser network activity by integrating with data consumers server-side.

Eliminate Adblock Noise

Capture data directly (not via 3rd-parties) minimizing incomplete data collection.

Meet Our Platform

Built with the best-in-class, open-source components and a modular design to keep it that way.

Whether you want to start data-routing from scratch, or already have a home-grown ingester system you love, our platform is completely plug-and-play.


etaRouter was built specifically for the largest companies in the world. By using Kafka, Kubernetes and other leading open-source tools, we’re designed for ultra-high performance at any scale.


e believe your data platform should stay cutting edge. As newer and better components emerge, we make them easy to customize and adopt. Keep your data-stack completely modern with MetaRouter.

Why we believe in secure, server-side data streaming…

Revenue boost for every 1s latency reduction


Average cost of a data breach in 2017


Companies who will have a data breach

1 in 4

2018 ad-blocking user penetration rate


Let’s Chat

Ready to get started with MetaRouter?

Tell us a little bit about your needs below and we’ll be in touch soon to chat about getting you set up with MetaRouter Enterprise or an annual pricing contract for MetaRouter Cloud.

MetaRouter Cloud

Our Simple, Hosted Data Router

Watch Demo

Curious how it works? Check out this demo of how to build data pipelines and configure destinations with our cloud platform.

Why Cloud?

Simplify your analytics integrations.

Capture user events on your website or app and route them to analytics, marketing automation, and dozens of other third party tools in minutes…

Setup in Minutes.

Get started with one snippet of code. With a few clicks, simply add your integrations to Astronomer, and watch data flow to where you can analyze it best.

Event-Based Pricing.

We price based on total event volume, not MTUs. This means that you get charged based on actual user engagement, instead of paying for every visitor that comes to your site.

Event Monitoring.

Utilize our monitoring dashboard to view and debug events in real-time as they flow through your pipelines and out to your configured destinations.

Already using a broad array of tools to gain a 360° view of your customer, or looking to add more? We’ve got ya covered.

Cloud Pricing:  Pay Per Event, Not Per User
Pay only for the exact number of events you send. The more your business grows, the less you pay per event.
Per Million
0-10M Events
Billed Monthly
Cancel Anytime
Per Million
10-100M Events
Billed Monthly
Cancel Anytime
Per Million
100M+ Events
Billed Monthly
Cancel Anytime
Annual Plan
1 Year Contract: 15%
3 Year Contract: 25%
Björn Tegelund
Engineering Manager

…the more we wanted to make data-driven decisions the more we realized we just don’t have the infrastructure to handle that much data on our own … We migrated from Segment when we realized that MetaRouter’s compatibility allows us to minimize the resources we’re spending yet continue to make fully informed decisions as a company.

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