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Take Back Control
of Your Data

MetaRouter is a Customer Data Infrastructure built for companies who care about security, compliance, and flexibility.

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The only way to mitigate the growing risk of non-compliance is to control the data third parties receive.


Re-integrating browser tags server-side can significantly reduce latency (900ms per 3 integrations).


MetaRouter makes one call for data and routes it consistently across partners, reducing variability by ~ 30%.

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The key to using third-party tools while staying compliant is to keep all data processing in-house. MetaRouter gives you complete data governance.

Run on your own private cloud

Custom built for the world’s most security and flexibility-focused companies who want to own their own data on their own private cloud.

Deploy any way you want, literally

Use our SaaS and PaaS offerings for hassle-free hosting, or deploy inside your own Private Cloud or on-prem to maximize control and security.

Integrate with any 3rd-party API

Utilize fully configurable event mapping to any 3rd-party API, data lake, or data warehouse - you make the rules.

Simplify your customer data tracking

Collect user behavior and identity data in a single, centralized library. No more wasteful duplication and bloat.

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Future-Proof Your Data

Cookie-less tracking is coming. Our platform prepares you for it.

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Own your own data-router

No more black boxes. Gain maximum insight and control over the shape of your data and the processes handling it by using our "playbook" model to integrate with 3rd-party tools.

MetaRouter App

Integrate any
analytics tool.

Explore our constantly expanding library of default integrations, or build your own connection to a brand new API using our customizable playbooks.


Deploy Your Way

No matter your size, complexity, or budget, we have a deployment option for you


VPC: Complete

Have It All

A full data-routing architecture on your own private cloud. Perfect for bigger enterprises who want the flexibility, compliance, and speed of server-side integrations with 3rd-party tools and services, behind their own firewall.



Control Without Hassle

Your own private data-router but we install and manage the platform. Perfect for those who want the flexibility, compliance, and speed of a custom data-routing stack, but without the hassle of cluster management.


VPC: Lite

Ease & Simplicity

Our most affordable private-cloud data-router. We give you all the tools and documentation, and you take it from there. Perfect for smaller price-conscious businesses who like to manage their own software.

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We don’t believe that regulation has to be a burden. Compliance is in our DNA. We built our platform from the ground up with security, control, and transparency as our guiding principles. At MetaRouter, compliance isn’t a “feature”, its a system-wide technical superpower.


Interested in something a little simpler?

Our SaaS tool is perfect for those who want to simplify the way they integrate with third party advertising, analytics, BI, and data-science tools, but don’t want to run their own architecture.