Your data – Your way

Take Back Control of Your Data

Your customer data is your most valuable asset. Reclaim control of that data and amplify downstream activation by harnessing the power of our proprietary first-party, server-side data infrastructure. Revolutionize your customer data effectiveness by removing third-party tags to deliver next-level performance.

Embrace First-Party Power and Security

Integrations Tailored to Your Needs

Experience the simplicity of creating new and custom integrations with our user-friendly platform. Our authentic server-side integrations ensure your customer data will arrive in your tools in the exact format that you expect it – always.

And with MetaRouter’s innovative Playbook rules, you can easily map, transform, filter and hash any customer data parameter on a per-integration basis.

Accelerate Time-to-market

Deploy MarTech Faster

We streamline the process of adopting cutting-edge marketing technology, ensuring you can deploy new MarTech faster than ever before. With our platform's seamless onboarding for new data consumers and integrations, you can effortlessly stay ahead of the curve and achieve marketing excellence.

Drive Real Results in Real Time

Collect a rich set of real-time events, enriched with the broadest set of vendor addressable IDs that take personalization and journey orchestration to a new level.

Optimize Web Performance for Better UX

Don’t let third party tags drag your load times down! Optimize site speed and SEO by replacing those tags with server-side integrations to accelerate conversion rates.

Enterprise-Grade Data Infrastructure

Designed to optimize the world’s highest event throughputs. With MetaRouter, we ensure seamless data collection, enriched insights, and fortified compliance so you can focus on maximizing profits.

Optimize Return on Ad Spend

Maximize revenue and ROI by unlocking the full potential of your ad inventory. With our first party approach, gain up to 43% more inventory, even in an ad-blocker prevalent environment.

Expand Your Activation Reach

MetaRouter’s persistent identifier ensures undisturbed tracking, enhancing match rates across all browsers and beyond ad blocker limitations.

Supercharge Audiences with Data Enrichment

Transform your Customer Data Platform (CDP) into a dynamic Data Management Platform (DMP) with data enrichment for more effective engagement that maximizes your marketing efforts.

Mitigate Risk with a Fortified Compliance Platform

We specialize in ensuring compliance and privacy of your customer data, integrating robust protocols to build trust with your customers while reducing regulatory risks.

"MetaRouter complements our abilities by streaming in the appropriate event data for profile enrichment. The customization for specific attributes helps tailor the data collection and avoid noise in the pipeline."
"We can track the events we need to improve our product experience and understand our users—and confidently meet every regulation to ensure the utmost privacy for the many families who use our apps."

Ripal Sanghani

Senior Product Manager

Take Control of Your Customer Data

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