A Faster (and Smarter) Way to Move Server-Side

Streamline data collection, unlock customer insights, and future-proof your marketing with MetaRouter ACCELERATE, your server-side starter kit for better customer data collection.

The Data Collection Dilemma

Traditional client-side data collection methods using tags are becoming increasingly unreliable. Browser restrictions like ITP and a growing focus on user privacy are leading to significant data loss and fragmented customer journeys. 

This poses a major challenge for customer-powered technologies, like CDPs, that rely on comprehensive data to create a unified customer profile. 

Incomplete data hinders their ability to deliver valuable insights for targeted marketing campaigns and personalized experiences.

ACCELERATE: Your Server-Side Starter Kit

ACCELERATE is a powerful, pre-packaged “server-side starter kit” that enables rapid transition away from client-side tags while retaining parity with the measurement and feature functionality of the replaced code.

Why Move Server-Side?

  • Instantly receive up to 42% more data into your ecosystem
  • Eliminate reliance on 3rd party tags and be ready for the cookieless future
  • Reduce risk by controlling all data capture and distribution
  • Increase site performance, SEO rankings and conversions
  • Improve your competitive edge by keeping all customer behaviors with every vendor


  • Collect More (and Better) Customer Data: Capture 30% more data of higher volume and quality by using a first-party DNS, strengthening resilience against browser limitations and ad blockers.
  • Deploy Rapidly: Pre-built integrations with a single, easy-to-manage tracking library to accelerate time-to-value demonstrate ROI quickly.
  • Unleash the Power of Scalability: Our architecture is designed to effortlessly handle massive event volumes, ensuring optimal performance as your needs (and volumes) expand.
  • Never Lose a Single Event: Automated data recovery safeguards every event, allowing you to confidently 'replay' 100% of your data. Shield your data from API failures or outages,  and ensure you never lose an event, even if your vendor does.
  • Fuel Deeper Customer Insights: Instant access to enriched data to power your downstream tools for deeper insights and better personalization.

Feed Your Customer-Data Powered Tools with More and Better Data

What Makes ACCELERATE different?

Privacy-Centric Data Collection

Robust data-privacy features like built-in consent enforcement ensure user data is only collected and transmitted based on their unique consent preferences.

Extended User Visibility

Unlike third-party cookies that have limitations on user tracking, our first-party cookies allow for extended user visibility (up to 12 months) for a deeper understanding of customers over a longer period of time.

Built-In Compliance

Integrated data governance layer provides role-based access controls (down to the attribute level), safeguarding sensitive customer information at all times.

Secure Single Tenant Hosting

Secure hosting on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) by default, but MetaRouter can also be installed on AWS or Azure by request.

Getting Started: Choose Your Destination (literally!)

Pick your domain
Pick your Sync Injector integrations
Choose your delivery destination
Deploy the single MetaRouter tag
Enjoy real time, server side data

You can opt out anytime. For details on unsubscribing, our privacy practices, and our commitment to your privacy, review our Privacy Policy.

Accelerate your brand to the next level with these enhanced MetaRouter capabilities:

Key Features

Third-Party Tag Removal

Take back control of your data by removing third-party tags and centralizing your customer data collection efforts.

Cross Domain Tracking

Track users across multiple owned brand sites, utilizing a consistent (and persistent) ID for a comprehensive view of each user’s behaviors, including anonymous user data with post-authentication interactions.

BOT Filtering

Remove bot traffic from your analytics and reporting metrics by filtering the events out before they reach your data destinations. 

Compliance Enforcement

Integrate with a CMP to enforce compliance at the point of collection. 

Data Replay

Ensure you never lose a single event, even during system/API outages.

Conditional Data Routing

Route data based on sophisticated and complex data rules as defined by the customer and executed by MetaRouter in real time. 

Offline Data Streaming

Route additional offline data source information into destination endpoints in the right format, in real time.  

Discover the MetaRouter Difference

Unlock the full potential of your customer data with MetaRouter's powerful data infrastructure. Experience data-driven marketing like never before.