Built-in Compliance At Every Step

Consent Integration & Enforcement

In an increasingly privacy-conscious world, MetaRouter empowers businesses to effortlessly meet and exceed consent enforcement requirements. Harness our robust platform to ensure comprehensive, compliant data tracking that respects user preferences.

A Compliance-Centric Solution That Put Your Users First

Consent Enforcement

In today's regulatory landscape, enforcing consent is imperative, especially in the era of CCPA and GDPR. With MetaRouter, you can seamlessly integrate user consent preferences into your server-side data stream, making it straightforward to enforce opt-outs while ensuring that user preferences are consistently respected.

1. User Opts Out of Tracking

A user visits your site and decides to opt out of tracking.

2. MetaRouter Captures these Preferences

MetaRouter pulls consent preferences, located within a cookie, into our cookie.

3. Purging Vendor IDs

MetaRouter purges Vendor IDs from the opted-out categories. This reinforces user data privacy.

4. Consent Integration

MetaRouter imports the updated consent preferences into the platform, ensuring compliance across your infrastructure.

5. Enforcement in Action

Our platform uses these preferences to prevent customer data flow to vendors in the opted-out categories. Consent is upheld.

harmonize Your Tools

Integrate Your CMP with MetaRouter

You've done the hard work of configuring your Consent Management Platform according to your specific requirements. Now let us handle the daunting task of integrating your current CMP preferences. MetaRouter seamlessly plugs into your existing CMP preferences, supporting all category presents and custom implementations so you're not forced to adopt a new CMP.

Hassle-Free Compliance

Streamline Your Consent Enforcement

MetaRouter’s removal of client-side tags makes consent enforcement straight forward. We don’t rely on client-side tags, so no tag firing rules are required to enforce consent. It’s a consent enforcement in one single control plane.

Future-Proof Your Data Governance

Built for GDPR, CCPA and Beyond

No matter what consent laws are passed within the United States, EU, or anywhere else, MetaRouter’s consent enforcement methodology will adapt to future standards that are set by government agencies. In addition, we offer strong data governance features that will ensure all of your data tracking is compliant with user privacy regulations.

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