Boost Marketing ROI with MetaRouter

Amidst cookie deprecation, tracking restrictions, and evolving tech stacks, a dedicated Customer Data Infrastructure empowers you to focus on what matters most: maintaining, growing, and proving ROI on your marketing investments.


Maximum Performance Tracking

Trends like Safari ITP and growing ad blocker usage have eaten away at marketing performance behind the scenes. However, today’s organizations need every proof point possible to determine where their most effective marketing investments actually lie. MetaRouter unveils conversion and other behavioral data signals in the toughest tracking environments, giving you better insight into what is actually performing.

Increase in traffic data due to no ad-blocking.
Increase in targetable audiences with anonymous to known
Transparency Unveiled

A Single, Reliable Source of Truth

Data inconsistencies and vendor discrepancies can distort your marketing chorus. MetaRouter harmonizes your data, consolidating it into a single melodious stream, providing a transparent view of your customer data usage. By deconstructing integrations with vendors and putting you in control, you are better equipped to understand how vendors are utilizing your customer data, why certain discrepancies between vendors may exist, and ultimately make more confident decisions on how your marketing investments are made.

Simplify Tagging

Replace Third Party Tags

IT and Privacy teams are increasingly ordering third-party tags to be ripped off of websites due to security, compliance and site performance concerns. MetaRouter clears the path, replacing third-party tags with a single server-side solution. No more trade-offs between security, compliance, and marketing efficacy. Optimize site performance and run your data-driven strategies without having to slow down or compromise. Trade your manual map for a real-time GPS.

see Quicker time to value

Deploy MarTech Faster

Skip the need for extensive IT scrutiny when adding marketing tags to your website. Experience faster time to market on current and future data utilization strategies with a server-side solution that empowers your team to swiftly assess risks by providing transparency to data integrations.

Unlock Better Marketing ROI from Your CDP

With MetaRouter's integration, the power of your CDP truly unleashes. Unlock more personalization opportunities and access reliable behavioral data streams:

Single Point of Data Collection

All data is processed within a customer’s private instance of MetaRouter, and the customer determines what data should be sent to each 3rd party vendor.

Better Ad Personalization

Using cookie-based IDs from third-parties (i.e. Facebook or Adobe Analytics) to match audience profiles where PII hasn’t been provided enables next level identity matching.

Behavioral Data Stream

Feeding user profiles with a reliable behavioral data stream

Discover the MetaRouter Difference

Unlock the full potential of your customer data with MetaRouter's powerful data infrastructure. Experience data-driven marketing like never before.