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Acquisition Campaigns Are Under Attack

Tracking customer data on your website has never more challenging. Between browser restrictions limiting trackers by default and ad blockers that have gotten smarter about limiting third-party tracking, it’s incredibly difficult to accurately track customer behavior and analytics data to truly understand how your users are traversing your site.

Strengthen Your Acquisition Arsenal

Acquisition Campaigns Are Under Attack

With tools like CDPs and Reverse ETL platforms, it’s quite easy to leverage your website data to target your existing customers. But what if you want to target those users who are interested in your brand but haven’t become customers yet? Up until a few years ago, third-party cookies made it easy to serve ads and personalize messaging to your prospects. Today, acquisition campaign efficacy is quickly dropping as third-party cookies become increasingly obsolete.

Own Your Tracking Platform

The Best Defense

First-Party Data Collection

You’ve done the work of implementing a consent banner, but even if a user consents to tracking, there’s no guarantee they can be tracked. Common anti-tracking technologies target third-party scripts and cookies, including those that are cloaked or proxied with seemingly first-party assets.

The end result is tracking that still leaves lots of data on the table- and that means less meaningful insights, less marketing performance.

Full Ownership

The most future-proofed solution in this environment is a tracking platform that your organization owns outright.

With full ownership comes significant benefits where ad blockers are active or in severely limiting environments like Safari Ant-Tracking Intelligence Prevention (ITP).

First-Party Data Collection with MetaRouter

MetaRouter empowers your organization to gather user data from your own digital platforms, like websites or apps, and grants you complete control over data collection within your domain, enhancing accuracy, privacy, customization, and user trust. MetaRouter enables more effective data management and compliance with privacy regulations. Embrace the benefits of first-party data while aligning with GDPR and CCPA standards for user consent and data ownership.

Complete ownership

Complete ownership over your customer data

Efficacy in a cookie-less world

First-party tracking endpoints, giving your data tracking more efficacy when browser restrictions are present

Unblockable tracking

First-party javascript file hosting, reducing the situations where tracking is blocked by ad blockers

Comprehensive user profiles

Within your CDP, unify a user’s sessions across all of your owned website domains into one comprehensive profile

Take Control of Your Customer Data

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