Deeper personalization at your fingertips

Cross-Domain Identity

Imagine having the power to understand your users' interactions across all domains and seamlessly harnessing it to craft exceptional, personalized experiences. With MetaRouter, you have this capability at your fingertips! Save valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual data collection from standard sources. Elevate your insights and effortlessly create unparalleled user experiences with MetaRouter.


Supercharged Analytics Capabilities

Establishing a common user ID across your domains, even without PII, enables you to proactively develop a robust understanding of user interactions across all your brands. Accessing a holistic view of users' interactions with articles, videos, products, and other content prior to purchase enables you to more accurately assess affinities, create the most engaging experiences possible, and drive more conversions faster.

Increase in traffic data due to no ad-blocking.
Increase in targetable audiences with anonymous to known
Simplify Tagging with a Server-Side solution

Bridge Identity Gaps Without Using PII

Our compliance-first platform ensures privacy by not utilizing PII to bridge identity gaps for cross-domain resolution. Instead, we employ cookie-based IDs that MetaRouter sets, making them accessible within the server context of your platform. When a user visits your domains, their browser calls your platform instance to determine the presence of an existing ID. If one exists, we seamlessly synchronize it with the current session; otherwise, we establish a new cross-domain ID.

Transparency Unveiled

No Post-Collection Syncing Required

MetaRouter's Sync Injector™️ technology generates a cross-domain identifier for your users that is continuously maintained and synchronized as users visit any of your websites where MetaRouter installed. The ID is readily accessible directly in the event stream, allowing you to use it immediately. No need for complicated and resource-intensive post-collection syncing with an identity vendor.

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