The CDI for Retail

Retail organizations need a dedicated CDI to help them meet the challenges that today’s digital environment brings. By focusing on problems specific to data infrastructure, MetaRouter delivers unique solutions for retail that other CDIs, CDPs, and other technologies do not bring on their own.

Navigating Tagging Challenges

Tagging As a Competitive Advantage (or Disadvantage)

Sophisticated e-commerce sites have realized the inherent vulnerabilities associated to third party tracking mechanisms (pixels, tags). Increase user trust, page performance, and insight generation by regaining total control of your visitor data with server-side tag data collection.

Revolutionize with CDI

A Modern CDI Gives Your Organization a Competitive Edge

Using a CDI like MetaRouter means taking advantage of an entirely new and different tagging approach that your competitors likely aren’t using (yet).

Performance Improvement

Completely server-side integrations gain precious milliseconds (even seconds) of all key page performance stats by removing the need to run dozens of website tags. Faster loading and interactivity means improved SEO and user experiences compared to a website running a traditional tagging ecosystem.

Complete Control

By placing a CDI between your customer data and your vendors, you make the rules for how data is sent. Without their tag loading on your website, vendors can’t pull anything they want- they’re entirely reliant on what you decide to send them.

Effortless Tag Security

No More Tag Security Nightmares

Website tags can (and do!) bring entire websites down due to malfunctioning code scripts. MetaRouter removes tags, reducing your exposure to third-party code issues that may get implemented without your knowledge.

Speeding Up Innovation

Faster Marketing Innovation

Maintain functional parity with client-side data-collection mechanisms (pixels, tags, etc.), and minimize redundant event calls and browser bloat by leveraging MetaRouter as the single endpoint for all event data collection and syndication. Oftentimes, IT or legal teams might take weeks to obtain approval begin testing a new tools.  Third-party tags are the cause, as any javascript running on your page could potentially collect sensitive data.

MetaRouter gives your organizations the tools to implement a streamlined vendor review process, allowing you to get to value with new vendors faster.

Take Control of Your Customer Data

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