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Fall 2023 Product Updates

Check out the latest updates from the MetaRouter development team! Reach out to your MetaRouter account team or Contact Us with any questions.

New Product Features

MetaRouter Dashboard Upgrades

We’ve expanded the breadth and depth of the MetaRouter dashboard view, allowing your organization to access useful metrics that give you a better sense of the health of your data infrastructure. Check out the following key changes to your dashboard:

  • Top-level metrics for total events ingested by MetaRouter, total events not delivered due to errors, compliance filters or playbook filters, and total events delivered to downstream vendors.
  • New metrics columns that show the amount of events filtered due to compliance filters and events filtered due to playbook filters.
  • Ability to group all metrics by Pipelines, in addition to the standard Integrations view.
  • Ability to expand each Integration or Pipeline row to view event-level metrics.

These new metrics unlock greater transparency and quicker troubleshooting times when you push changes to your data collection and integration configurations.

File Building Upgrades

Analytics.js file building is at the heart of the MetaRouter experience. Much more than simply deploying a black-box javascript to your website, MetaRouter’s tracking file flexibility allows you to host the file yourself and set an ANAME tracking domain- granting significant first-party tracking benefits in ever-stricter tracking environments. We’ve taken strides to improve the overall usability of the file builder, allowing your organization to build and deploy files more quickly, while providing more context and standardization for the available configuration options.

Specifically, you will notice the following changes:

  • ID Sync configuration cards have been redesigned and standardized
  • Cross-domain syncing, a feature that lets MetaRouter users maintain a consistent anonymous ID across their own digital properties, has been given its own dedicated section in file building experience. Configuration has also been redesigned.
  • Tooltips have been added throughout the experience to provide helpful guidance on configuration fields.
  • All compliance-related aspects to the file builder have been grouped together into a single section.
  • Added the ability for users to declare whether they’d like to host their own tracking file or host it within MetaRouter’s CDN.
  • Soon, file download speeds will be significantly shortened to within a few seconds in most cases.

Added SSO Log-In for Microsoft Azure Active Directory

When you login to MetaRouter, you’ll see a new option for logging in with your Azure AD account. This enables Azure administrators to control user authentication with the MetaRouter platform with Azure AD, allowing organizations to easily apply their user access policies. If your organization would prefer to login with SSO via Azure AD, please let your Customer Success Manager know!

Sync Injector Updates

  • Added Session Tracking Capability - The Sync Injector can now set a Session ID, which enables session measurement and unlocks valuable metrics like time on site, pages per session, and more within your downstream tools. If you would like to include session data within your event stream, reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information.

New Integrations

  • Reddit - The MetaRouter Reddit integration replaces the Reddit Pixel javascript tag with a server-side integration. This allows users to measure the effectiveness of Reddit ad campaigns and build user audiences within Reddit.
  • Kochava - Kochava is a mobile analytics and attribution platform. With MetaRouter’s integration with Kochava, users can send their website event data to Kochava for conversion measurement and attribution purposes.
  • Amperity - Amperity is MetaRouter’s newest CDP integration! With MetaRouter’s Amperity integration, you can build rich profiles with the behavioral and third-party identity data that MetaRouter collects.

On the Roadmap

Here's a sneak peak at a few of the projects we're working on right now!

Self-Service, Customizable Consent Enforcement

MetaRouter’s consent module already significantly simplifies user consent enforcement for compliance with the evolving patchwork of data privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, and many others. Currently, configuration of consent enforcement is a manual process and requires some collaboration with MetaRouter’s Customer Success team. Once self-service consent enforcement is released, our customers will be able to:

  • Use any Consent Management Platform, or custom consent category structure they’d like
  • Configure their consent tracking preferences within those tools however they’d like
  • Configure MetaRouter to align with those preferences, directly within the MetaRouter UI

This will help our customers feel confident that their consent enforcement strategy is working as intended and, most importantly, avoid consent violations that are increasingly resulting in fines.

Event Schema Enforcement

We’re taking Schema Reporting to the next level. While this tool allows our customers to get a view of all the data they’re currently including with their events, we want to enable our users to define their intended event schemas and determine whether their events are actually conforming to that schema. This will enable faster implementation and troubleshooting times, allowing users to integrate higher-quality data into their downstream tools.

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