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MetaRouter Spring 2023 Product Enhancements

Spring into action with the latest and greatest MetaRouter product enhancements. The Spring 2023 updates include new integrations, enhancements to the MetaRouter Sync Injector as well as adding improved features designed to boost efficiency, enhance user experience, and provide unparalleled control of your first-party data.

Sync Injector Updates


Internal Cross-Domain ID Sync

The Sync Injector isn't just for third-party ID syncs! With our Cross-Domain ID Sync, your organization can now sync a common identifier across multiple domains. This will unlock deeper insights into user behavior as your users visit multiple domains that your organization owns. As with MetaRouter’s other ID syncs, PII is not required, as this feature is driven by first-party cookie-based IDs.


Attribute Enrichment with Neustar

Our existing Neustar sync has traditionally been able to pull a Fabrick ID. Now, not only can it pull the Fabrick ID, but it can optionally include additional information provided by Neustar's API, such as demographic traits, psychographic traits, behavior attributes, and much more. This information can add significant value to databases like CDPs or data warehouses. Reach out to your Neustar account team to find out which attributes might be available to populate in your organization’s database though this sync.


Redirect Sync Endpoint

MetaRouter clusters are now assigned an ingestion endpoint that supports a specific kind of cookie-based identity sync that involves 302 redirects. This allows us to utilize a sync pathway that many DSPs, former DMPs and walled gardens use for themselves already. This new Sync Injector capability should speed our development of third-party identity syncs in the future.

Integration & Sync Updates

  • HubSpot: Integrate your customer data with HubSpot's suite of CRM, Marketing and Analytics tools. To enable additional functionality, configure the Sync Injector to make the hubspotutk identifier available in your event stream. This integration requires a Marketing Hub Enterprise account with HubSpot.
  • Pinterest CAPI Sync: We initially developed our server-side Pinterest integration before their Conversion API (CAPI) was built and ready for use. We've evolved this sync to use the latest and greatest technology made available by Pinterest.
  • TikTok: Integrate your server-side customer data stream with TikTok. Our third-party sync will grab the TikTok Click ID for enrichment into your data stream.
  • Adobe Analytics (Beta): We’ve been developing an Adobe Analytics integration, which is now in Beta. Reach out if you’d like to see if your organization is a good fit to test this integration.
  • Adobe Everest Tech (Advertising Cloud): The Adobe Everest Tech partner_id is now available for enrichment into your server-side data stream.



What's a UI without a dashboard page? Quickly view all important actions made by users within your MetaRouter organization, including verifying who implemented the changes and when they were made. Check it out here.

New Bulk Management Operations

Some MetaRouter customers manage dozens of individual data pipelines within their organization. To make things even easier, we’ve added functionality to our bulk pipeline management feature set:

  • The "Bulk Add" integrations operation allows a single integration to be added to, or revised across, multiple pipelines with just one workflow.
  • View before/after effects of pipeline changes (diffs) during bulk deployments just as you would with individual pipeline deployments.


Check all of your high-level integration details from this new tab, located to the left of the Event Mappings and Notes tabs within an integration. This view should help users quickly understand basic configuration information, including the creation date and pipelines that have the selected integrations assigned.

On the Roadmap

Here's a sneak peak at a few of the projects we're working on right now.


Audit Logs

Quickly view and verify platform changes made to your MetaRouter configurations, including who implemented the changes and when they were made.

Dashboard Metrics Improvements

We will be providing more useful metrics within your dashboard, such as event ingestion metrics, and adding a custom date range selector to dashboard reports.

If you'd like to chat about any of these new enhancements or schedule a demo, contact us here.

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