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2023 Q4 - Introducing Server-Side Enrichments

Exciting news! We're excited to introduce one of our latest features - Server-Side Enrichments. This cutting-edge feature offers a secure channel for seamlessly incorporating first-party data from your API into the MetaRouter ecosystem and onward to your integrated vendors. Whether you have a loyalty server, email server, or any other database ready to enhance your real-time data stream, the MetaRouter Server-Side Enrichment feature can supercharge your data capabilities.

  • Real-Time Accessibility: Unlike traditional methods, MetaRouter fetches data from the browser in real-time, meaning your downstream vendors, including CDPs, get the data faster, allowing you to leverage it promptly in your advertising tools or any supported vendor platform for deeper personalization, ad suppressions for a specific product, and more!
  • Enhanced Security Measures: MetaRouter goes the extra mile by using public/private key encryption to secure data collected from your API. Once in a secure server-side location, the data is decrypted, addressing stringent security concerns and ensuring peace of mind when dealing with PII or other sensitive data in real-time use cases.

New Integrations: Empowering Your Analytics with Convert and Kochava


Convert - A/B Testing Platform

Our integration with Convert, a leading A/B testing platform, allows clients to seamlessly pass events for analysis. Explore the power of A/B testing, split testing, multivariate testing, multi-page testing, and personalizations with MetaRouter's integration.

Kochava - Mobile App Attribution and Analytics

Unlock the potential of mobile app attribution and analytics with Kochava. The MetaRouter integration enables clients to pass events for tracking and analysis, providing holistic and unbiased measurement for real-time visualization of app performance through the funnel.

Syncs: Google G-Tag Updates

In response to new requirements in the EU, Google has implemented changes regarding opt-out consent. For EU users, enabling the Consent Mode is crucial to ensure uninterrupted access to Google's ad networks. With the Consent Mode turned on, our system will load the tag upon receiving an opt-out consent signal from the consent module and transmit the opt-out signal to Google.

New Partnerships


We're thrilled to share the latest updates from MetaRouter as our ecosystem of partnerships continues to expand globally. Here's a summary of the latest announcements and the value they unlock for our mutual, world-class customers:

MetaRouter Partners with Acxiom: In response to cookie deprecation challenges, MetaRouter has joined forces with Acxiom to redefine first-party data strategies. Together, we're empowering brands to navigate the changing landscape with privacy-centric solutions, advanced analytics, and ethical data practices.

MetaRouter Available on AWS Marketplace: We're proud to announce MetaRouter's listing on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, marking a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize customer data infrastructure. Businesses can now seamlessly integrate MetaRouter's solutions into their AWS environment, unlocking new levels of control, transparency, and efficiency in data management.

MetaRouter Teams Up with GrowthLoop: Future-proof your acquisition marketing in a cookieless world with our partnership with GrowthLoop. This collaboration offers a privacy-centric, first-party data collection solution, enabling precise targeting and expedited customer lifecycles.

MetaRouter + ActionIQ: Elevate your data strategy with our partnership with ActionIQ. Combining MetaRouter's cutting-edge Customer Data Infrastructure (CDI) with ActionIQ's Customer Data Platform (CDP), we offer a compliance-first approach, increased performance, and revenue boost.

Join the data revolution with MetaRouter and ensure your organization's future success. Learn how our transformative approach simplifies data collection, improves site performance, and reduces risk while boosting ROI.

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