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Building for what's next. See MetaRouter's 2022 product enhancements.

We’re now well into 2023 and our team is deep into new ideas and product development that will improve the MetaRouter experience. Before we share what’s on our radar for 2023, we wanted to recap a few of the key features we’ve built in the last year.

Restoring Cookie Tracking Efficacy

MetaRouter - Restoring Cookie Tracking Efficacy

Safari ITP and ad blocker restrictions significantly hinder anyone’s ability to collect data from their owned digital domains. We’ve developed a unique solution to this problem with our transition to hosting MetaRouter clusters with A Record domains and utilization of first-party set HTTP cookies. Reach out if you would like to be a part of beta testing!

User Interface Upgrades

We’ve completely overhauled the look and feel of our user interface. We've also released new features into our UI this year as well including:

  • Keep notes on integrations directly within the UI. Notes allow MetaRouter users to provide vital context around why integrations are configured the way they are.
  • Pipeline change verification. Prior to a pipeline deployment, users have a chance to review configuration differences between a prior and new revision.
  • New roles and permissions. Includes read-only access to view pipelines and integrations.

We're excited to launch more features within our UI and make it a place where our customers can experience first-class integration control.

Expanded Integrations Library

We’re building the most extensible & flexible server-side API integrations across the AdTech and MarTech industry. Check out our updated list of supported vendors.

Bulk Pipeline Management

Some MetaRouter users manage dozens (or even hundreds!) of pipelines within their organization. We’ve made it easier to manage many pipelines at once with our Bulk Stage & Deploy feature, which allows users to update an integration to the latest (or prior) revision for many pipelines at once.

Enhanced Data Visibility & Troubleshooting

In the past, knowing whether MetaRouter is receiving data and processing it correctly or whether an integration configuration works has been a challenge. We released key features that promote far greater transparency into integration configurations and data validity:

  • Schema Reporting: This UI feature lets users identify the schema of events that they are currently sending into the platform. If you have access to our UI, you can check it out here. If you would like to see a demo, please contact us.
  • Event Debugger: The Debugger shows input event data, output data, and API responses for a particular event, helping users understand whether the content of an event is acceptable and how an API reacts to it. This tool is available via the MetaRouter Command Line Interface (CLI) only.
  • Playbook Simulation: Also known as Forge, this feature allows users to upload an integration playbook to better understand whether the playbook would produce the desired event outputs in a real-world scenario. This tool is available via the MetaRouter CLI only.

Here’s a preview of what’s to come in 2023:

Cross-Domain ID Unification

Cross-Domain ID Unification by MetaRouter

Organizations that own many domains will be able to unify user actions across all of their domains with a common anonymous user ID, powered by the MetaRouter Sync Injector.

Platform Monitoring

We’re centralizing monitoring dashboards into our UI for a streamlined monitoring experience available to all users.

More Intuitive Integration Set Up

More Intuitive Integration Set Up

Event configurations within integrations will be even more straightforward to set up while retaining their unique flexibility.

Bringing CLI-Based Tools into the UI

Bringing CLI-Based Tools into the MetaRouter UI

We're adding the Event Debugger and Playbook Simulation to our UI for a more intuitive workflow.

Change Logs

Users will be able to see what changes have been applied within the UI, who made those changes, and when they were made.

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