Salesforce Partners with MetaRouter to Bring Real-Time Data Integration and Anonymous User Journeys to its Market-Leading Customer 360 Suite of Products

Unlock Real-Time Marketing Journeys with MetaRouter's Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration on Salesforce AppExchange. Enhance audience engagement and activate marketing journeys for known and anonymous users while ensuring data privacy and governance.

Salesforce and MetaRouter Partnerhsip

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With MetaRouter’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Customer Data Platform (CDP) integration and its large library of audience activation channels, marketing and advertising teams unlock powerful real-time Journeys for both known and anonymous users.

DENVER, CO, May 25, 2022 – MetaRouter has joined the expanded Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform ecosystem on Salesforce AppExchange, enabling brands for the first time to engage with known and anonymous users browsing their sites and apps and initiate real-time marketing and advertising journeys, audience building and activation. MetaRouter integrates third-party vendor IDs, demographic and social attributes, and onsite user behavioral data into Salesforce Marketing Cloud to enable a true, real-time Customer 360 experience for all users.

MetaRouter’s technology sits downstream of a brand’s user consent and compliance tooling to ensure user privacy and preference is enforced across all vendor relationships, and the platform runs within a private cloud environment for maximum security. By using the MetaRouter integration, Salesforce customers have total control and governance over their user and customer data. 

Additionally, with MetaRouter’s Customer Data Orchestration App, most third-party marketing, advertising and analytics tags and pixels can be completely removed and replaced with MetaRouter’s library of server-side integrations. These integrations securely send data to vendors without third-party tracking code, significantly reducing website latency—thus boosting revenue and SEO. Now brands can amplify the already powerful capabilities of the world’s #1 CRM platform by integrating with dozens of other marketing and advertising platforms to accelerate business growth. 

Comments on the News

  • “We are thrilled to join Salesforce and become a modern data collection and pipeline network for their dynamic marketing platform,” said Tim Brunk, CEO of MetaRouter. “We know that enterprise organizations rely on Salesforce to unify marketing, sales, service, commerce, and IT, and we are eager to bring new and powerful features to the table.”
  • “MetaRouter is a fantastic customer data infrastructure that has gone all-in on their core competency of integrating customer data server-side and uniquely identifying every user without the use of third-party cookies,” said Woodson Martin, EVP and GM of AppExchange. “We can’t wait to see our customers achieve greater business success in an increasingly competitive environment by understanding every user and leveraging all their advertising and marketing tools in a unified profile.”

About AppExchange

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About MetaRouter

MetaRouter is the world’s first fully server-side Customer Data Infrastructure, designed for performance, compliance, and control. Deployed on your private cloud, the platform replaces third-party tags and replicates their functionality with powerful and highly-configurable server-to-server integrations.