MetaRouter Is Changing the Game for Customer Data Collection

MetaRouter, a pioneering force in Customer Data Infrastructure, is reshaping the data landscape with its innovative server-side website tag. Say goodbye to third-party tags and hello to enhanced security, seamless data transfer, and increased revenue potential. Learn how MetaRouter's transformative approach simplifies data collection, improves site performance, and reduces risk, all while boosting ROI. Join the data revolution with MetaRouter and ensure your organization's future success.

MetaRouter Is Changing the Game for Customer Data Collection with A Single, Server-Side Website Tag that Maximizes Downstream Revenue Generation and Fortifies Customer Data Security

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The Next Generation of Customer Data Collection is Here with a Third-Party Tag Removal Solution

[Denver, CO, November 1, 2023] – MetaRouter, a trailblazer in Customer Data Infrastructure, is transforming the way enterprises handle data, delivering the next evolution of customer data collection and tracking.  MetaRouter empowers businesses to break free from mandatory usage of 3rd-party tags, including platforms like Google, Meta, and TradeDesk, all without losing any capabilities within these platforms thanks to its best-in-class server-side connections.

Large enterprises face a significant challenge when moving server-side. While many recognize the server-side advantages of better security, compliance control, site experience, onsite conversion rates, and data consistency, it has historically been impossible to make this change without impacting the operation of other teams, especially marketing. MetaRouter confronts this challenge head-on with a comprehensive solution that ensures the smooth transfer of customer data, even within complex data ecosystems, and enables complete server-side capabilities integration with downstream tools including martech/adtech, paid media, CDPs, analytics, and data warehouse landscapes.  

"We are committed to enabling enterprises to securely collect critical data from their digital properties without compromising on performance. This is a significant leap forward in customer data management, and the results are significant –reduced page load times, 40% increased SEO, decreased risk of 3rd-party involvement in the data collection process, with the added bonus of effectively collecting and activating data at scale.

We aim to make this transition easy, and as a result, companies become more agile and adaptable, as they can swiftly implement changes and updates without relying on client-side code adjustments. This enhanced flexibility and scalability not only streamlines operations but also leads to better ROI by optimizing data activation downstream, all while maintaining a more secure data environment that safeguards customer information.” Greg Brunk - Head of Product at MetaRouter

MetaRouter has been pioneers of the server-side evolution for over half a decade, and at the heart of this transformative approach is the MetaRouter tag. This feature enables companies to consolidate their customer data collection and management efforts into a single, efficient process that reduces latency, improves website performance, and enhances user experiences–ultimately driving higher conversion rates and engagement.

By replacing potentially dozens of third-party tags on digital properties with a single, server-side tag, organizations can:

  • Regain Full Control: Our server-side tracking allows you to selectively send data to third parties that you explicitly approve, ensuring your organization has ownership and regulation over the collected data, safeguarding user identities, and ensuring end-to-end compliance. 
  • Enhance Site Performance and SEO Ranking: Reduce latency associated with multiple third-party tags, resulting in faster website loading times, better SEO, higher traffic, and improved user experiences.
  • Simplify Data Collection: Consolidate tracking into a single server-side tag, enabling effortless data management from various sources, providing a holistic view of user behavior.
  • Improve Data Accuracy: Experience the ripple effect of having better data quality from the start. Starting with more accurate data then accelerates and amplifies the impact of tech investments downstream including Martech, adtech, analytics, and ID spines. This heightened precision ensures that your marketing strategies are finely tuned, leading to higher conversions, improved targeting, and a substantial boost in revenue. 
  • Reduce Risk: By serving as the single point of event ingestion and syndication, MetaRouter allows compliance related consent enforcement to be moved closer to the point of data capture. This significantly reduces risk associated with misappropriation and usage of customer data and provides increased control and transparency over third party data utilization as data is governed at the single point of collection instead of at various locations downstream.
  • Accelerate New Tech Deployment: Speed up your time to market for new marketing tags and tech without requiring extensive IT scrutiny. Our server-side solution provides transparency to data integrations, empowering your team to swiftly assess risks and execute current and future data utilization strategies efficiently.
  • Maximize Revenue Potential: Drive efficiency, tracking, and performance improvements that directly translate to increased revenue opportunities through improved conversions, increased engagement, and better customer experiences.

MetaRouter's tag is the paradigm shift that organizations need to elevate their data strategy, and has already proven to be indispensable for industry-leading organizations.  As scrutiny on data collection grows, MetaRouter enables large organizations to balance safe, compliant data collection with accessible use across teams. With a dedicated Customer Data Infrastructure, you can navigate this evolving challenge, boost data maturity, and future-proof your operations.

"MetaRouter's data collection capabilities represent a huge step forward from legacy client-side tags that are trapped in a single vendor ecosystem of applications," said Justin DeBrabant, Chief Product Officer at ActionIQ. "The data MetaRouter securely collects is available anywhere in real-time, including ActionIQ's composable CDP and the client's cloud data warehouse. MetaRouter's product removes the legacy need for CDPs to do their own data collection, further accelerating the shift for companies to drive innovation with a composable best-of-breed stack. We're thrilled to be partnering with MetaRouter on this market shift for our current and future customers."

MetaRouter is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower organizations to thrive in the data-driven landscape by optimizing their customer data infrastructure and reducing reliance on third-party tags in a more secure and efficient way, and this is just the start!


About MetaRouter:

MetaRouter is a leading provider of Customer Data Infrastructure solutions, dedicated to empowering enterprises with advanced data management and integration capabilities. With a focus on data privacy, security, and flexibility, MetaRouter helps organizations thrive in the evolving landscape of customer data management.