Silverbullet Partners with MetaRouter to Deliver an Industry-First Solution for the Privacy-First Era

MetaRouter Forms Partnership with Silverbullet to Deliver an Industry-First Solution for the Privacy-First Era

Silverbullet and MetaRouter Partnership

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MetaRouter is excited to announce its recent partnership with Silverbullet, the leading Boutique Customer Experience Partner. 

Silverbullet has been uniquely designed to support global enterprise organizations in the delivery of transformative marketing customer experiences across multiple touchpoints. 

Businesses across the globe are recognizing that putting the customer at the centre of their thinking delivers better engagement, higher retention, and greater customer lifetime value - all resulting in smarter business outcomes and ultimately, better ROI. In recent years, marketers have become familiar with the phrase “death of the cookie,” and that is directly correlated with an increase in data privacy regulations and a strong need to build bespoke strategies centred around first-party data through the application of smart technology. 

This partnership will provide a unique offering for organizations amid significant digital transformation initiatives. MetaRouter offers high levels of data security and governance through private cloud or platform as a service deployment, providing a first-party data collection tool to unlock powerful marketing, analytical, and ad-tech capabilities. This allows enterprises to eliminate the need for third-party browser tags or cookies, resulting in faster website speed, improved SEO, and higher conversion rates for brands.

“MetaRouter’s next-generation capabilities on anonymous first-party data management, activation and cross-domain tracking is a natural match for Silverbullet’s expertise, complementing our CX solutions suite and partner ecosystem. I am looking forward to exploring the many synergies between our organizations, and how together we can unlock measurable value for our customers”. Andrea Ghibaudi, Managing Director, Americas, Silverbullet. 

Together, MetaRouter and Silverbullet will deliver an industry-first data strategy that operates in a cookie-less world, with privacy and compliance management at the forefront. Our joint offering will allow clients to unlock site optimization, anonymous addressability, enriched customer profiles, and real-time personalization.“I have seen the incredible impact the team at Silver Bullet can make having worked with them for almost a decade. Having successfully traversed the realms of DMP and CDP together, they have consistently been a trusted partner and a must have as MetaRouter expands into the EMEA region. Their agility and ability to swiftly unlock technical capabilities to deliver impressive ROI for their clients perfectly aligns with our core principles and I am genuinely excited to have them join the MetaRouter family," said Jonathan von Abo, Head of Alliances at MetaRouter.

About MetaRouter

MetaRouter is the first fully server-side Customer Data Infrastructure, designed for performance, compliance, and control. Deployed on your private cloud, the platform replaces third-party tags and replicates their functionality with powerful and highly configurable server-to-server 

integrations serving some of the world’s largest retail, consumer packaged goods and data-centric organizations.

About Silverbullet.

Silverbullet is a leading Boutique Customer Experience (CX) Partner, designed to support organizations in the delivery of transformative marketing customer experiences across multiple touch-points. We help our clients to better communicate with their customers, whilst maximizing their investment in data and technology. Silverbullet operates globally with six offices across three regions: The Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.