Merkle Cardinal Path Partners with MetaRouter to Enhance Data Integration and Privacy-Centric Marketing

MetaRouter and Merkle|Cardinal Path join forces to enhance data integration and privacy-centric marketing solutions. This partnership combines MetaRouter's secure and governance-focused platform with Merkle|Cardinal Path's expertise in maximizing media and technology for digital transformation. Discover how MetaRouter's first-party data collection tool eliminates the need for third-party browser tags, leading to faster website speed, improved SEO, and higher conversion rates. Explore the alignment of both companies in optimizing user experience, capturing known and anonymous user identifiers, and providing a wide range of server-side integrations. Elevate your marketing effectiveness while ensuring compliance with privacy laws through this innovative collaboration.

Merkle and MetaRouter Partnership

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MetaRouter Forms Partnership with Merkle|Cardinal Path to Enhance Data Integration and Privacy-Centric Marketing

MetaRouter is excited to announce its recent partnership with Merkle|Cardinal Path, the world's leading partner for Google Marketing Platform services and solutions. Merkle|Cardinal Path leverages deep knowledge and expertise to help some of the world’s most recognizable brands maximize media and technology on the path toward digital transformation. 

This partnership will provide a unique offering for organizations in the midst of significant digital transformation initiatives. MetaRouter offers high levels of data security and governance through private cloud or platform-as-a-service deployment, providing a first-party data collection tool to unlock powerful marketing, analytical, and ad-tech capabilities. This allows enterprises to eliminate the need for third-party browser tags, resulting in faster website speed, improved SEO, and higher conversion rates for brands.

“The MetaRouter platform provides flexibility and performance, but critically it is also in line with our focus on privacy-centric digital analytics solutions. The partnership with MetaRouter will enhance data integration and enable more privacy-centric marketing solutions for our shared clients,” said Corey Koberg, CEO of Merkle|Cardinal Path.

MetaRouter's services and products align well with Merkle|Cardinal Path in several ways:

For clients such as retailers, CPG, financial services and others who need to optimize user experience, MetaRouter's platform reduces page load times and site latency by eliminating most client-side tags. 

MetaRouter's Sync Injector technology allows known user identifiers to be captured alongside anonymous users, enabling Merkle|Cardinal Path to help its clients holistically remarket to a much broader set of known and anonymous user interactions in a privacy-centric manner.

MetaRouter offers a large library of server-side integrations, allowing Merkle|Cardinal Path's enterprise-level clients to future-proof their MarTech stack and unlock the ability to quickly implement new advertising, analytics and personalization tools.

"We are thrilled to partner with Merkle|Cardinal Path on this important initiative. Companies that demand a privacy-centric approach to marketing will be able to leverage the innovative first-party solutions of Merkle|Cardinal Path and MetaRouter to increase the effectiveness of their marketing spend while ensuring compliance within today’s privacy laws. " said Tim McDonough, Head of Alliances for MetaRouter.

About MetaRouter

MetaRouter is the first fully server-side Customer Data Infrastructure, designed for performance, compliance, and control. Deployed on your private cloud, the platform replaces third-party tags and replicates their functionality with powerful and highly configurable server-to server integrations. We serve some of the world’s largest retail, consumer packaged goods and data-centric organizations.

About Merkle | Cardinal Path

Merkle|Cardinal Path is the world’s leading partner for Google Marketing Platform services and solutions. Our global team of experts partner with leading brands such as Merck, Papa Johns, UScellular, NPR, NBC News, DeVry — and hundreds of others — to tackle their most complex digital marketing problems and opportunities. From data-informed roadmaps to streamlined martech and meaningful digital activation – we help brands build market share and competitive advantage by delivering high-quality, data-first solutions with Google at the core. Merkle|Cardinal Path is a part of Merkle, a dentsu company — a leading data-driven customer experience management (CXM) company specializing in the delivery of personalized, connected customer experiences across platforms and devices. Merkle has more than 16,000 employees in 30+ countries throughout the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. For more information, contact Merkle at 1-877-9-Merkle or visit