MetaRouter and JAKALA Iberia Partner to Lead the Way in Privacy-Centric Solutions

Discover how MetaRouter and JAKALA Iberia are leading the way in privacy-centric solutions amidst the Cookie Regulation Era. Learn about their strategic partnership, pioneering first-party data environments, and innovative approaches to data activation. Stay ahead of evolving data regulations with these industry trailblazers.

MetaRouter and JAKALA Iberia Partner

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MetaRouter and JAKALA Iberia Partner to Lead the Way in Privacy-Centric Solutions Amidst the Cookie Regulation Era

Denver, CO | September 19, 2023 — MetaRouter, the leading Customer Data Infrastructure Platform specializing in privacy-focused data solutions, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with JAKALA Iberia, a MarTech innovator driving digital transformation through data analytics and technology. Together, our organizations are poised to pioneer groundbreaking solutions to tackle the challenges presented by the forthcoming European Data Protection Committee guidelines, effective January 11, 2024, requiring websites to adhere to updated cookie policies.

This dynamic partnership introduces the concept of a private, first-party environment and unlocks the potential for data activation without reliance on third-party cookies. It signifies a momentous step in the industry's evolution, with JAKALA Iberia positioning itself as a trailblazer in Spain by successfully integrating MetaRouter's solution within its innovative BLAB platform.

By joining forces, JAKALA Iberia and MetaRouter are equipping themselves with enhanced capabilities in first-party identity management, empowering them to navigate the intricate landscape of customer data activation. This collaboration underscores their unwavering commitment to delivering premium tools for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and AdTech environments.

MetaRouter's Key Features and Solutions:

  • True End-To-End, First-Party Platform: 1st party data exists exclusively on MetaRouter’s dedicated server-side infrastructure. Other solutions that integrate third-party code into a first-party container do not qualify as true first-party data and are subject to restrictions.
  • Full Data Ownership and Control: MetaRouter ensures data collection occurs in a 1st-party context, giving organizations complete ownership. Brands have full control over their data collection all within their private first-party environment.
  • Built-In Security and Compliance: MetaRouter establishes compliance measures from the moment of collection through distribution. By self-hosting on a private cloud, companies ensure data privacy and security of their customers' data, and can easily restrict third-party access to sensitive information.

Alberto Alonso, Senior Partner at JAKALA Iberia, commented, "Our partnership with MetaRouter will bolster JAKALA Iberia's prowess in managing first-party identity. By collaborating with an industry-leading solution, we are elevating our clients' data quality, organizational control, and data activation efficiency, offering a strategic response to the impending cookie challenge."

Jonathan von Abo, VP Partners & Alliances EMEA at MetaRouter, added, "We are thrilled to partner with JAKALA Iberia as we usher in a new era of privacy and legislation. This synergy of best-in-class technology with JAKALA's industry-leading services will pave the way for innovative approaches to optimizing website performance, delivering personalized experiences, all while ensuring compliance with data regulations for years to come."

About JAKALA Iberia

JAKALA Iberia operates at the intersection of business, data, technology, and design, igniting impactful experiences that tangibly influence clients' Profit and Loss statements. As a Value Accelerator Partner, it enhances value capture in digital realms, offering strategic, analytical, digital, and technological support. Serving major corporations in banking, retail, media, industry, travel, insurance, and energy sectors, JAKALA Iberia drives results. In just a year, its team has doubled to 300 professionals, firmly establishing its presence in Spain and Portugal. JAKALA Iberia is a proud member of the JAKALA Group, a Milan-based global martech player, spanning over 30 countries and achieving a turnover of 400 million.

About MetaRouter

MetaRouter is the pioneer in fully server-side Customer Data Infrastructure, designed for peak performance, compliance, and control. Deployed on your private cloud, the platform replaces third-party tags and replicates their functionality with robust and highly configurable server-to-server integrations, serving some of the world's largest retail, consumer packaged goods, and data-centric organizations.