MetaRouter and Acxiom launch ILLUMINATE to shine a light on the dark funnel

Illuminate your marketing strategy with MetaRouter and Acxiom's groundbreaking partnership. Learn how Illuminate revolutionizes data collection in a cookieless world, empowering brands to understand consumer behavior like never before. Discover more about this innovative solution and the Acxiom-MetaRouter partnership today!

MetaRouter and Acxiom launch ILLUMINATE to shine a light on the dark funnel

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Shining a Light on the Dark Funnel: MetaRouter and Acxiom Partner to Launch Illuminate

In today's digital landscape, understanding consumer behavior is more crucial than ever. Yet, many marketers face the challenge of navigating the "dark funnel" – the hidden pathways consumers take before making purchasing decisions, often obscured by a lack of attribution and the demise of third-party cookies. This dilemma is not limited to B2B; it extends into B2C realms as well. So, how can marketers illuminate this dark funnel?

Enter Illuminate, a groundbreaking solution launched by MetaRouter and Acxiom. Acxiom, renowned for its customer intelligence expertise, has joined forces with MetaRouter, a leader in modern server-side tag management technology, to unveil Illuminate. This innovative partnership promises to revolutionize how brands collect, enrich, and leverage insights in a cookieless world.

As marketers grapple with the repercussions of third-party cookie deprecation, Illuminate offers a beacon of hope. By harnessing the power of customer intelligence datasets, this solution enables companies to enhance decision-making processes, reduce website latency, and elevate the overall customer experience.

Illuminate operates by deploying first-party customer recognition within a brand's infrastructure, streamlining data collection and syndication in real-time. This approach minimizes the reliance on third-party tags and external insights, paving the way for more effective ad spend, retargeting strategies, and SEO enhancements. Furthermore, Illuminate empowers brands to fuel their Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) with comprehensive event analytics for attribution and measurement.

Jason Skelton, Head of European Partnerships at Acxiom, emphasizes the importance of illuminating the dark funnel for marketers. He states, "Companies need to better understand who is making important buying decisions across their customer base, and Illuminate provides the means to achieve that."

Jonathan von Abo, VP of Alliances for EMEA at MetaRouter, underscores the significance of returning data control to brands. "Collectively, we are offering a truly first-party solution which empowers brands to collect and own permissioned data," he says.

Illuminate marks a pivotal moment in the industry, signaling a shift towards first-party data ownership and enhanced customer insights. To learn more about this groundbreaking solution and the Acxiom-MetaRouter partnership, visit the links below:

Illuminate represents not only a technological advancement but a strategic imperative for brands seeking to navigate the complexities of a cookieless world while delivering personalized and impactful customer experiences. Stay tuned as Illuminate illuminates the path forward for marketers worldwide.