Future-proof your acquisition marketing in a cookieless world with MetaRouter and GrowthLoop

Unveiling the First Server-Side Anonymous-to-Known Solution on the Data Cloud: GrowthLoop and MetaRouter join forces to expedite customer lifecycles. This groundbreaking partnership offers a privacy-centric, first-party data collection solution and a code-free, composable Customer Data Platform (CDP). Overcoming data challenges like the disappearance of third-party cookies, the collaboration identifies anonymous users, enabling precise targeting in GrowthLoop.

MetaRouter and GrowthLoop

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MetaRouter, the trailblazers in server-side data infrastructure, proudly announces its partnership with GrowthLoop, the leader in composable Customer Data Platforms (CDP). Together, they unlock a powerful dual solution, combining privacy-centric, first-party data collection with a composable, code-free CDP.

Beyond merely broadening addressability for marketing teams, this partnership allows for the seamless integration of anonymous user behavior into organizations’ existing customer data stack, eliminating additional costs associated with transferring data into legacy CDPs. This marks the first instance where companies can achieve such integration within their own data cloud, which enables teams to maintain a robust security posture.

This joint solution unlocks the ability to more accurately target these users with personalized marketing campaigns built in GrowthLoop.

“This collaboration is deeply meaningful for us, reflecting our commitment to providing marketers with self-serve access to comprehensive data. By swiftly identifying anonymous users, we empower personalized campaigns across channels within GrowthLoop, amplifying the possibilities for marketers” said - Anthony Rotio, Chief Data Strategy Officer at GrowthLoop.  “This partnership not only breaks down data barriers but also underscores our dedication to advancing the landscape of customer experience. We look forward to the collective impact of GrowthLoop and MetaRouter, driving innovation and efficiency for marketers navigating the complexities of modern data challenges.”

Conquering data challenges

Businesses today are drowning in fragmented customer data, hindering growth and personalization. This partnership tackles head-on:

  • Unknown audience information: With the deprecation of third-party cookies, organizations are faced with a gap in actionable customer data from digital sources.
  • Data silos: Many marketing teams find themselves siloed across various channel-specific tools, resulting in a disjointed strategy and experience for customers.
  • Complex implementations: Traditional CDPs come with high data storage costs and costly, time-intensive implementations.
“In an era where data challenges are omnipresent, the GrowthLoop + MetaRouter partnership heralds a transformative solution for businesses grappling with fragmented customer data. As third-party cookies fade away, the ability to identify anonymous users becomes paramount, allowing marketing teams to craft targeted campaigns in the ever-evolving digital landscape” said Surya Kunju, Marketing Cloud & Retail Media Lead, Google Cloud. “I applaud this collaboration for its pivotal role in conquering the complex landscape of unknown audience information, data silos, and intricate implementations.”

The GrowthLoop and MetaRouter partnership unlocks

Anonymous-to-known audiences

  • Move beyond the browser, and identify anonymous users to create a foundation for larger and more targeted audience engagement. 

A 360-degree view of the customer

  • Access a single source of truth in the data cloud with a solution tailored for Google and Snowflake. Centralizing this data provides a singular, real-time view for single- or cross-channel activation, plus the data cloud allows businesses to maintain complete control over data with robust privacy features that meet evolving regulations.

Full lifecycle marketing

  • This partnership unlocks full lifecycle marketing from acquisition to retention. Marketers can now craft highly targeted and impactful marketing strategies based on the behavior of previously anonymous users.

Composable CDP capabilities 

  • Retain the power to add best-in-breed tools to your martech stack with a flexible composable architecture on the data cloud.
  • Segment audiences to deliver personalized experiences wherever your customers spend their time.
  • Build highly tailored cross-channel journeys for acquisition, upsell, cross-sell, and churn winback.

Increased efficiency with generative marketing

  • Partner with a collaborative AI to generate suggestions for audience segments, cross-channel journeys, and even campaign creative.
"When every brand interaction counts, enterprises need purpose-built technology to identify, understand, and target website visitors more deeply and effectively while also protecting users from tracking and exposure when they do not consent, especially in this ever-changing regulatory and privacy-centric landscape. This partnership represents our shared commitment to delivering unmatched value to marketers and privacy stakeholders, by navigating the complexities of customer acquisition and engagement with a best-of-breed, composable solution" said Greg Brunk, Head of Product at MetaRouter. "With MetaRouter's prowess in collecting and controlling deeply informative behavioral data plus our ability to capture vendor-addressable identifiers, we significantly amplify GrowthLoop's ability to activate anonymous user segments into their impressive activation library."

Don't let data be your growth bottleneck. 

Take control and revolutionize your customer experience with GrowthLoop and MetaRouter.

  • Unify your customer data and gain actionable insights.
  • Personalize customer journeys at scale for exceptional experiences.
  • Drive revenue growth through data-driven decisions and omnichannel engagement.

Contact us today to unlock the power of your first-party data and unleash your true growth potential.