MetaRouter + ActionIQ : Elevate Your Data Strategy with A Composable Solution that Amplifies the ROI of your Customer Data

Elevate your business with MetaRouter's cutting-edge Customer Data Infrastructure (CDI) in partnership with ActionIQ's Customer Data Platform (CDP). Unlock the full potential of a data-optimized CDP within a composable stack, empowering businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive revenue growth. MetaRouter's CDI solution, combined with ActionIQ's CDP, offers a compliance-first approach, increased performance, and revenue boost. Streamline your data strategies and take control from collection to activation.

MetaRouter + ActionIQ

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Denver, CO | December 5, 2023 - MetaRouter, a leading innovator in server-side data collection, is proud to announce its partnership with ActionIQ. The dynamic duo of MetaRouter’s enterprise-grade Customer Data Infrastructure (CDI) with ActionIQ’s composable Customer Data Platform (CDP) empowers businesses with the tools they need to deliver exceptional customer experiences that drive revenue growth, all within a composable stack–meaning brands can harness the full potential of a data-optimized CDP, while also enhancing current workflows and architectural investments. 

The proliferation of data poses a significant challenge, but with the rise of cloud data warehouses, it transforms into a unique opportunity for organizations to streamline and leverage this wealth of information. Embracing data warehouses as the center of the customer data stack allows businesses to harness the potential within their expansive datasets, turning complexity into a strategic advantage. While managing data across these disparate repositories has become increasingly intricate, highlighting the need for innovative solutions to MetaRouter and ActionIQ to maintain data governance and integrity. 

Maintaining control over valuable customer data is crucial when building out any part of a composable stack, but the trick is finding effective ways to do this while also maximizing revenue. The solution lies in building your tech stack with a data-optimized CDP powered by an enterprise-level CDI. 

In today's hyper-competitive market, understanding customer behavior and preferences is paramount to staying ahead. Businesses that harness the full potential of their customer data using a CDI + CDP within their composable stack are better equipped to tailor their offerings, engage effectively, and drive customer loyalty. MetaRouter’s cutting-edge CDI solution is the key to unlocking these capabilities and serves as the bedrock of effective data-driven strategies

"Our mission at MetaRouter is to provide businesses with the tools they need to not only understand their customers but to also create meaningful connections with them," said Greg Brunk, VP of Product at MetaRouter. "The synergy between our Customer Data Infrastructure and ActionIQ’s CDP is a game-changer for businesses seeking to deliver unforgettable customer experiences and drive revenue growth. And as regulations like GDPR and CCPA continue to evolve, companies can overcome the dichotomy of harnessing the power of customer data while ensuring strict compliance with this dynamic partnership.

A data-optimized technology stack with MetaRouter and ActionIQ enables enterprise organizations to:

  • Maintain Control: Compliance-first approach with robust data privacy controls to meet evolving regulatory requirements.
  • Increase Performance: Reduce page load time and upgrade your stack with modern technology built for first party data at scale.
  • Boost Revenue: Combine in context data with historical knowledge of your visitors to convert every opportunity into revenue

MetaRouter’s CDI let organizations optimize data collection and site performance by breaking free from mandatory usage of 3rd-party tags without losing any capabilities thanks to best-in-class server-side connections. In parallel, ActionIQ’s composable CDP democratizes access to customer data with a centralized no-code UI for all business activities across paid and owned channels. 

“The CDP evaluations in enterprises were always more complex than they should have been by requiring organizations to solve for both data collection and data activation in one platform. The rise of cloud data warehouses at the center of the customer data stack provides the opportunity to decouple data collection and data activation”, said Justin DeBrabant, Chief Product Officer at ActionIQ. “MetaRouter’s CDI along with ActionIQ’s CDP will accelerate the performance of organization’s first party data strategies and boost their revenue.”

This partnership is reshaping the data ecosystem, offering businesses an opportunity to take control and enhance their data strategies from the moment it is collected to when it is activated downstream. MetaRouter’s partnership with ActionIQ delivers a modern approach to data collection, identity resolution and personalization that delivers optimized digital customer experiences.

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