Nextdoor is a social media app that lets neighbors connect and share information relevant to their area. Advertising on Nextdoor allows marketers to connect with users to sell products and services in a hyper-local environment.

Why Nextdoor + MetaRouter

MetaRouter provides an alternative to the Nextdoor pixel, including a server-side integration that utilizes customer data collected by the MetaRouter tag. By integrating Nextdoor with MetaRouter, you'll be sending Nextdoor a higher-quality data stream that is more secure and controllable than third-party tags.


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Benefits of Using
with MetaRouter
  • Enables Nextdoor pixel tag removal
  • Up to 30% more data- including conversions- tracked compared to the Nextdoor pixel
  • All customer data events and attributes unlocked for custom event mapping and transformation
  • No effect on website load latency

Take Control of Your Customer Data

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