First-Party Identity Management

MetaRouter partners with third parties to build a first-party identity graph that is used to understand customers across digital channels.

MetaRouter for Performance

Unparalleled Website Performance

Integrate third-party browser tags server-side to significantly reduce website latency and increase data accuracy. We’re focused on eliminating third-party tag loading as much as possible.


Server-Side Anonymous Tracking Made Possible

Don’t settle for client-side, third-party tracking when you don’t need to. MetaRouter’s Sync Injector provides identity integrations that bring third-party identifiers into your first-party event stream.

The Most Powerful Library of Server-side Integrations

Utilize fully configurable event mappings to any 3rd-party API, data lake, or data warehouse. Or, let us handle the hard work- and focus on driving better results with your data.

MetaRouter for Control

First-Party Everything Approach

Third-party tools have witnessed significant signal loss as a result of browser tracking limitations. MetaRouter’s first-party CDI approach means browsers are less likely to block your data tracking. That’s on top of the security benefits you gain by limiting third-party tags.


Own Your Data Processing,
From Start to Finish

Develop insights and maximize control over the shape of your data—all within an easy-to-use UI. We’ve built data transformation for technical marketers, data engineerings, and everyone in between.

Flexible Deployment

We’ll manage your private data infrastructure on our cloud environment for maximum convenience, or we’ll install our platform on your cloud, giving you maximum security.

Event Tracking
on Your Terms

While we integrate out-of-the-box with open-sourced Analytics.js, we don’t lock you into using our event tracking specification. Continue using Adobe Launch or other event orchestration tools for an easy transition to MetaRouter.

"We can track the events we need to improve our product experience and understand  our users—and confidently meet every regulation to  ensure the utmost privacy for the many families who use our apps."

Ripal Sanghani
Senior Product Manager
HOMER Learning

"We have seen customers 2x+ their pipeline without increasing marketing spend by using data from MetaRouter in CaliberMind’s CDP."

Nic Zangre
VP Customer Success & Revenue Operations

"MetaRouter allows us to set a higher standard and expectation of what we know about our users. Our Product Squads not only make better-informed decisions but also communicate more accurate results to all our stakeholders."

Ignacio Colino
Growth ICT Business Analyst
Pet Circle


Powerful, flexible integration
with a growing library of partners

Our server-side integrations are custom-built for maximum performance, compliance and control—without requiring a third-party’s browser tag for collection. It’s the only secure way to integrate your tools.

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MetaRouter for Compliance

Compliance Done Right, Twice.

With MetaRouter, you gain a compliance strategy that includes two-fold tracking prevention for opted-out users.

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Eliminate Persistent

MetaRouter puts all identifiers- first and third-party- into a first-party cookie that you control. When users opt out of tracking, MetaRouter erases some or all third-party trackers depending on user preferences.

At the Point
of Ingestion

For integrations within opted-out categories, MetaRouter halts the event stream and ensures that no data is shared with a vendor after they’ve opted out.

Free Performance Assessment

Get a free assessment of your current browser tag ecosystem and receive an Infotrust Report with estimated saved time opportunities.

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