MetaRouter Now Available on AWS Marketplace

MetaRouter Enhances Accessibility and Procurement for AWS Customers as the Premier Customer Data Infrastructure Provider

MetaRouter Enhances Accessibility and Procurement for AWS Customers as the Premier Customer Data Infrastructure Provider

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MetaRouter Joins AWS Marketplace, Pioneering a New Era in Customer Data Infrastructure on a Global Scale

Denver, CO — MetaRouter, the industry trailblazer in Customer Data infrastructure, proudly announces its listing on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, marking a significant milestone in its mission to redefine how businesses harness their customer data.

Recognized for its innovative approach to first-party data collection, tracking, and management, MetaRouter is excited to expand its reach and impact through the AWS Marketplace. This strategic collaboration allows businesses of all sizes to seamlessly integrate MetaRouter's cutting-edge solutions into their AWS environment, unlocking a new era of control, transparency, and efficiency in customer data management.

MetaRouter’s focus on VPC deployment, first-party data collection, and fully server-side integration with marketing, analytical, and ad-tech tools eliminates the need for third-party browser tags, ensuring secure and accurate data while improving website speed, SEO, and conversion rates.

MetaRouter's platform offers a range of benefits to enterprises seeking to optimize user experiences:

  • Eliminate Third-Party Tags: 
  • MetaRouter eliminates most or all client-side tags, significantly reducing page load times and site latency, enhancing overall user experience.
  • Fully First-Party Data Infrastructure:
  • MetaRouter empowers businesses to transition seamlessly from third-party to fully first-party data infrastructure, ensuring complete ownership and control.
  • Engineered for Superior Data Capture and Durability:
  • MetaRouter's infrastructure is designed for superior data capture, durability, and addressability, providing AWS users with a robust and reliable foundation for their data needs at scale.
  • Accelerated Investments and Compliance:
  • By eliminating third-party tags, MetaRouter accelerates every investment reliant on high-quality customer data, while simultaneously enhancing compliance and reducing risk.
  • Privacy-Centric Analytics: 
  • The Sync Injector technology captures known user identifiers alongside anonymous users, enabling clients to measure known and anonymous user interactions in a privacy-centric way.
  • Quick Deployment: 
  • With a vast library of server-side integrations, MetaRouter enables enterprise-level clients to get up and running quickly without extensive custom implementation work.

"MetaRouter resolves enterprise challenges by ensuring a seamless server-side transition, especially impactful for marketing teams. Our comprehensive solution facilitates smooth customer data transfer within complex ecosystems, enabling complete integration with downstream tools. This commitment to innovation is exemplified in our entry into the AWS Marketplace, reinforcing our dedication to enhancing user experiences and advancing the evolution of customer data management,” said Tim McDonough, Head of North American & Technology Alliances.

The partnership with AWS enables MetaRouter to bring Customer Data Infrastructure expertise to a broader audience, empowering businesses to take full control of their data journey within the trusted AWS ecosystem.  The inclusion of MetaRouter in the AWS Marketplace facilitates simplified procurement for customers, offering a seamless experience for finding, testing, buying, and deploying software that runs on Amazon Web Services. 

Discover the MetaRouter in AWS Marketplace here. Learn more about MetaRouter here

About MetaRouter:

MetaRouter is a leading provider of customer data infrastructure, committed to empowering businesses with complete control and ownership of their customer data. With a focus on transitioning businesses from third-party to fully first-party data infrastructure, MetaRouter's innovative solutions redefine data management in an era of increasing privacy concerns