Yahoo DSP

Yahoo DSP is the Demand Side Platform that drives advertising performance through precise user targeting and machine learning, sustainable identity through cookie-less solutions, and exclusive ad inventory that can only be purchased via its platform.

Why Yahoo! Ad Tech + MetaRouter

Maintain the same website-based first-party audience targeting and attribution you're accustomed to without third-party tags. MetaRouter's data infrastructure enables addressability and attribution by collecting third-party identifiers and sending them along with page view and behavioral events. Gain total transparency and control over all data sent to Yahoo! Ad Tech with MetaRouter's data transformation UI.

Yahoo DSP

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Benefits of Using
Yahoo DSP
with MetaRouter
  • Enables third-party tag and pixel removal for Yahoo DSP
  • Up to 30% more data- including conversions- tracked compared to third-party pixels and tags
  • All customer data events and attributes unlocked for custom event mapping and transformation
  • No effect on website load latency

Take Control of Your Customer Data

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