Snapchat is a social media and messaging app that lets you send time-bound messages to others and discover news and content. With Snapchat ads, become a part of users' conversations by serving highly targeted and relevant advertising.

Why Snapchat + MetaRouter

Provide Snapchat with a high-quality customer data stream that includes page view and behavior data, while collecting Snapchat user identifiers that can tie website behavior to ads viewed on other devices when sent to Snapchat. MetaRouter's event stream is highly private and secure, never relying on Snapchat's pixel or other tags to route data.


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Benefits of Using
with MetaRouter
  • Enables Snapchat website pixel removal
  • Up to 30% more data- including conversions- tracked compared to the Snapchat pixel
  • All customer data events and attributes unlocked for custom event mapping and transformation
  • No effect on website load latency

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