Google Campaign Manager 360

Google Campaign Manager 360 is an ads manager for advertisers and agencies, helping to provide ads trafficking, reporting and verification for digital channels.

Why Campaign Manager 360 + MetaRouter

MetaRouter is the only CDI that can replicate the function of Floodlight tags for CM360, while retaining all reporting functionality that you would expect from Floodlight deployments. Transition your Google ecosystem from tag-based to server-based for complete control over your data stream and improved page load speed.

Google Campaign Manager 360

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Benefits of Using
Google Campaign Manager 360
with MetaRouter
  • Limit Floodlight tag loads to the first page of a user's session only
  • Complete parameter-by-parameter control over all data sent to Google
  • Up to 30% more data- including conversions- tracked compared to tracking to Floodlight tags

Take Control of Your Customer Data

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