Data Warehouse

Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is scalable, serverless multi-cloud data warehouse. With your business's data stored in BigQuery, harness the power of Google's data analysis, machine learning, and business intelligence capabilities.

Why Google BigQuery + MetaRouter

MetaRouter provides an efficient Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) platform that streams structured customer data into BigQuery in real-time. Ensure that data is always structured properly with MetaRouter' parameter-by-parameter data mapping and transformation playbooks.

Key Features

  • Private data stream that can never be co-mingled with anyone else's data
  • Playbooks that let you control how data is processed prior to reaching BigQuery
  • Data streamed into BigQuery- no batching required.
  • Addressable third-party IDs are provided within your warehouse when paired with the Sync Injector

All the Vendors You Want.
No Impact on Page Performance.

Why choose between vendor functionality and page performance? With MetaRouter, when you add a supported server-side integration, you won't see any negative page speed effect.

As an added bonus, your IT and Engineering teams will appreciate not having to implement yet another third-party tag.