Customer Data Platform


Blueshift offers intelligent customer engagement through their Smarthub CDP product. Easily configure omnichannel real-time customer experiences, identity unification, and customer data activation through one platform.

Why Blueshift + MetaRouter

MetaRouter lets you send customer data to Blueshift and other tools with a single, private event stream. Maintain a high degree of privacy and control over your data with parameter-by-parameter event configuration with MetaRouter's UI and your own single-tenant data streaming platform.


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Benefits of Using
with MetaRouter
  • Up to 30% more data into Blueshift compared to third-party tags
  • Real-time event stream that enables real-time journeys
  • First-party, parameter-by-parameter control over data sent to Blueshift
  • No Blueshift or other third-party tags required

Take Control of Your Customer Data

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