AppsFlyer is a mobile-focused analytics platform that helps you build mobile experiences and scale your app user base. Measure data on mobile, web and CTV, analyze campaign performance, and engage users with a strong focus on privacy.

Why Appsflyer + MetaRouter

Unify mobile customer data tracking into a single, easy-to-use SDK, and gain the highest degree of control over what data is sent to Appsflyer. Unlock parameter-by-parameter configurations via the MetaRouter UI, all within a single-tenant platform that meets enterprise-level privacy and security concerns.


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Benefits of Using
with MetaRouter
  • Single, standardized event stream for AppsFlyer and other destinations
  • Server-side event stream that enables real-time journeys
  • First-party, parameter-by-parameter control over data sent to Appsflyer
  • No Appsflyer or other third-party tags required

Take Control of Your Customer Data

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