Amplitude is a product and behavioral analytics platform for web and mobile apps. Gain visibility into customer journeys, translate event data into user engagement insights, monitor key product metrics, and more.

Why Amplitude + MetaRouter?

Send Amplitude the highest-quality data possible with MetaRouter's server-side, first-party data streaming platform. Map and transform data for clean, structured data into Amplitude, and maintain a high degree of control over each parameter sent.

Key Features

  • Single, standardized event stream for Amplitude and other destinations
  • First-party event stream that collects up to 30% more data
  • Parameter-by-parameter control over data sent to Amplitude
  • No Amplitude or other third-party tags required

All the Vendors You Want.
No Impact on Page Performance.

Why choose between vendor functionality and page performance? With MetaRouter, when you add a supported server-side integration, you won't see any negative page speed effect.

As an added bonus, your IT and Engineering teams will appreciate not having to implement yet another third-party tag.