Data Storage

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a data lake that is used to store unstructured data within a secure, performant and scalable environment.

Why Amazon S3 + MetaRouter

Use MetaRouter's S3 integration to store raw customer data events in an unstructured environment. MetaRouter can utilize event logs in S3 to replay data through the MetaRouter platform- effectively providing a backup of your customer data.

Amazon S3

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Benefits of Using
Amazon S3
with MetaRouter
  • Private data stream that can never be co-mingled with anyone else's data
  • Playbooks that let you control how data is processed prior to reaching S3
  • Unstructured environment for customer data gives you ultimate flexibility
  • Addressable third-party IDs are provided within your data lake when paired with the Sync Injector

Take Control of Your Customer Data

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