Data Warehouse

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a data warehouse that empowers teams to handle large analytics workloads and set up complex queries within an efficient, scalable platform.

Why Amazon Redshift + MetaRouter

MetaRouter provides an efficient Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) platform for sending structured customer data into Redshift. Ensure that data is always structured properly with MetaRouter' parameter-by-parameter data mapping and transformation playbooks.

Amazon Redshift

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Benefits of Using
Amazon Redshift
with MetaRouter
  • Private data stream that can never be co-mingled with anyone else's data
  • Playbooks that let you control how data is processed prior to reaching Redshift
  • Batch data in up to 15 minute intervals
  • Addressable third-party IDs are provided within your warehouse when paired with the Sync Injector

Take Control of Your Customer Data

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