MetaRouter at LXA AntiCon London in May 2024

May 23, 2024

Magazine London

From AI to automation, data to DX, enablement to activation, martech to salestech – we've got you covered!

Join us at LXA AntiCon in May as we delve into a multitude of topics:

  1. Transformation Strategy: Dive deep into the blueprint of marketing transformation excellence, covering everything from AI to ops, data to DX, tools to talent, enablement to activation.
  2. AI & Automation: Explore the possibilities of AI in marketing and learn how to activate them effectively.
  3. Tools: Navigate the modern stack by mapping and stacking tools ranging from Martech to Ad tech, ecommerce, and salestech.
  4. Operations: Decode operations efficiency for the AI era, encompassing marketing, data, content, and sales ops.
  5. Start Ups: Discover the new era of martech, ad tech, and salestech start-ups reshaping the industry.
  6. B2B: Elevate B2B marketing and sales with NextGen strategies, covering AI, ABM, ABS, ABX, activation, sales, CX, and underlying enablement.
  7. Growth Marketing: Unveil the growth marketing playbook, focusing on data-driven approaches, DX, personalization, performance marketing, tools, testing, and CRO.
  8. Data: Architect and streamline your data ecosystem to embrace the latest martech, adtech, and salestech solutions.
  9. Marketing Capabilities: Elevate your marketing team's capabilities through upskilling, reskilling, and reinventing strategies, encompassing program design, academy activation, training, talent management, CoE, and RACI.

Don't miss out on this comprehensive exploration of the evolving landscape of marketing and technology!

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