MetaRouter ACCELERATE for ISVs & Tech Partners: Accelerate the Change to Server-Side Data Collection

May 21, 2024


Traditionally, moving server-side has presented significant challenges, including signal loss, technical complexity, and high (and unpredictable) costs. MetaRouter's ACCELERATE program addresses these challenges head-on by offering a faster, more secure, and comprehensive way to move server-side without compromise. ACCELERATE for ISVs and tech partners:

By integrating ACCELERATE data collection capabilities into product portfolios, partners can enhance the performance and capabilities of their offerings and unlock new revenue streams by attracting new clients and expanding their market reach. ISVs and SIs should consider ACCELERATE when there is a client who has a CDP and wants to amplify it with secure, real-time event collection and syndication.

Minimize Implementation Complexities: ACCELERATE enables seamless customer data collection without the need for deploying additional SDKs or tracking tags. Support Massive Event Volumes: Scalable architecture designed to accommodate the evolving needs and demands of clients, ensuring optimal performance and reliability at even the largest event volumes.

Enrich Data Streams: ACCELERATE streamlines data integration, providing instant access to IDs alongside event payloads. This enrichment process includes additional values like demographics and purchase intent, empowering businesses with deeper insights for better decision-making.

Seamless Integration: The ACCELERATE solution offers flexible integration with downstream vendors through configurable playbooks. Unlike traditional integration structures, MetaRouter's playbooks provide comprehensive control over all behavioral data sent to vendors, ensuring consistency and reliability in data transmission.

Accelerate time-to-value: With pre-built mappings to simplify implementation Want to create live streams like this?

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