Data management tools for full control over your data

Whether you’re building your own in-house CDP or leveraging the best tools in your industry, trusting your data makes all the difference.

What is a data control system?

A data control system is a software system designed to allow you to control data coming into and out of your organization. These systems manage how the information is used, handled, shared with third parties, and protected from other unauthorized individuals.  

What is the use of data control?

Data control helps organizations know what data they own, where it is located, and whether or not this information has already been shared with third parties. Similarly, using a data management tool helps protect your organization from data breaches and unauthorized access.

What is data control and how does it perform?

Data controls identify data loss, data leakage, and sensitive information by continuously monitoring the movement of your organization's data. Preventing this type of loss means that you can both control where your data is going and what type of data is captured.

What is data control in research?

In research, data control is a data management practice that allows for all researchers to receive the same quality of results. By storing and controlling information, you are able to have a consistent framework with which ideas can be shared. 

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Real-time Streaming

Simplify customer behavior tracking from your sites, mobile apps and servers by centralizing it at the point of collection and streaming it out to your data destinations.

Total Schema Control

Track data any way you'd like from your sites and apps, and control the exact shape and content of event data on its way to vendors.

Complete Transparency

Through custom architecture and direct partnerships, we integrate your marketing, analytics, and ad vendors fully server-side.

Deployed Your Way

MetaRouter is completely cloud and message queue-agnostic. No matter your deployment choice, our infrastructure will work with yours.

Use third-party tools without jeopardizing your customers or your business.

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Marketing Performance

Data Pipeline Tools: Behind the UI

MetaRouter directs, redirects, and transforms analytical data points coming from your systems. Installed within your computing environment, our rule-based Playbook configuration allows for granular data control, sending data to third parties before they have access or visibility.

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A Powerful Playbook

Parameter-level transformation control for every piece of data. Open up the black box on API mappings, and utilize our built-in integrations to get a head-start.

Meet the Replay Module

Establish a rolling backup of event data, and then replay any specified time-window of events to any destination you choose—ideal for API outages or back-filling new tools.

Identity Control for Web

With our Sync Injector, control when, where, and how often partners are able to sync identities to the page. Leverage that graph of IDs via server-side integrations.

Data Management Software Deployment Options:


Private Cloud

A full data-routing architecture on your own private cloud, restricting all access to your data, even for MetaRouter. Ideal for enterprises that require maximum security.

Managed Cluster Environment

Private Cloud

The platform installed inside of your private Kubernetes cluster, managed by us. Great for businesses that want MetaRouter to perform application upgrades, patches, diagnostics, and maintenance

Managed Infrastructure Environment

Platform as a Service

Your own private data router, installed on our cloud and managed by us. PaaS is for those who want the benefits of a custom data routing stack without the hassle of cluster management.

Ready to scale.

Multiple instances of our platform can work together, distributed geographically, to cover your consumers from all over the globe.

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