A data compliance solution you can trust.

Private Data Routing

Collect all data in a 1st-party context, and obscure or omit sensitive data in-transit before it reaches a vendor.

Flexible Data Infrastructure

Shape your data and the processes handling it by using our Playbook model, providing an easy avenue for compliance in some industries.

Compliance Made Easy

Combined with a CMP, our Compliance Module gives you a quick & easy route to guaranteed compliance with data regulations.


Compliance at the point of ingestion

Whether you’re concerned about GDPR, HIPPA, CCPA, or other data regulations, our platform is built to ensure that any data entering our system is subject to your organization’s standards.

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Regulation moves fast. It's scary. But don't worry.

We keep on top of it.

The MetaRouter Compliance Module is designed to handle the wave of data regulations that are in motion within many states & countries.

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When Apple recently announced new regulations, it jeopardized many apps’ ability to work with third-party tools. With MetaRouter, HOMER Learning was able to comply quickly.

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