First-Party Identity Management

With the death of third-party cookies and increased data regulations, engaging anonymous visitors is harder than ever. MetaRouter partners with third parties to build a first-party identity graph that is used to understand customers across digital channels.

How Anonymous ID Works

A person visits your product page. The browser tracks them via MetaRouter, which runs on your private cloud (ie. the visitor’s behavior is secure).

Assign a unique ID

MetaRouter creates a unique ID and stores it in the browser as a first-party cookie (these cookies aren't going anywhere!). This ID will be tied to every future event.


Matching with 3rd-parties

MetaRouter then connects with all your vendors and checks for matching user IDs.

Enrich with Known Identifiers

All known identifiers are added to the data set, revealing a wealth of previous events that can be added to that user's profile.

If/when the user finally signs in, the unique ID is updated. Even if they don’t, a robust customer journey emerges for visualization in your CDP or analytics tool.


Know more about your users

In addition to creating your user journey, using MetaRouter’s unique ID gives you the ability to know more about your users while better protecting their information:

Control which vendors can access a user’s identity

Expect up to 30% more events tracked when using MetaRouter to integrate data

Revoke identity access for vendors with a few clicks

Set your own compliance standards to respect your users’ tracking preferences

Eliminate duplicate event and identity sync calls from the browser, speeding up page load time