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Website Speed

When your site performs better, your business performs better.

Increased Revenue

Organizations have found a 1% revenue boost for every 100ms latency reduction.

Enhanced User Experience

40% of consumers will abandon a page that takes over three seconds to load.


Site speed is one of the signals used by Google’s algorithm to rank pages.

Browser tags are slowing you down

Every new marketing or analytics tool means adding a new browser tag. Even if you use a tag manager to streamline data collection, each third party has to make its own calls for data.

Speed up your site by 900ms per every 3 integrations

MetaRouter re-integrates data using a proprietary server-side approach. Instead of making, say, 15 calls to 15 third parties, make one call and route the data to 15 third parties.

BONUS BENEFIT: Increased Data Accuracy

Making one call for data and routing it across all partners also ensures consistent, durable information, decreasing variability by ~30% in some cases.

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Ready To Scale?

Multiple instances of our platform can work together, distributed geographically, to cover your consumers from all over the globe.

Ideal for Retailers

A Fortune 50 retailer came to us because their website wasn’t loading fast enough. They were losing steam in critical areas, like user retention, SEO rankings and revenue.

Technical Overview

The platform is modular, completely cloud and message queue agnostic and designed to be customized to meet the infrastructure requirements unique to your organization- all through the UI.