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Private Cloud
Data Routing

Sharing customer data in a high-compliance world is sometimes impossible and always risky. When you need to leverage third-party tools, the best solution is owning your own data router.

Secure By Design

Collect all data in a 1st-Party context, and choose to obscure or omit sensitive data in-transit before it reaches a vendor.

Maximum Control

Easily shape data your own way by using our "playbook" model to shape your data exactly the way you want it delivered.

No 3rd-Party Access

When you own the data-router, no third party has access to data processing components or raw data, including MetaRouter.

Platform Overview

MetaRouter is a real-time, centralized control plane to direct, redirect, and transform analytical data points coming from your systems. It is installed within your computing environment, and our rule-based Playbook configuration allows for granular control of sending data to third parties before they have access or visibility.

Ideal for Compliance

One of our customers in the healthcare industry needed a HIPAA-compliant data routing platform. Their solution was deploying MetaRouter on their private cloud.

Ready To Scale?

Multiple instances of our platform can work together, distributed geographically, to cover your consumers from all over the globe.