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Control customer data quality from collection.

Increase data consistency to get more accurate insights and better personalization.

Each new marketing, data warehousing, advertising or analytics tool makes its own individual call for data, leaving a lot of room for duplicate, inaccurate, and, eventually, outdated data. MetaRouter makes one call for data and routes it consistently across partners.

Reduce Variability

An average of 35% variability exists across third-party tools. After all, every browser tag is loaded separately. With MetaRouter, load all data one time, in a first-party contact to reduce variability to 1%.

Track More Data

Via a server-side infrastructure as a central tracking system, MetaRouter is significantly more performant. In the case of a Fortune 50 company, within 24 hours after implementation, MetaRouter tracked an additional 2280 purchase conversions per day.

Improve Durability

Data collected first-party in a single ecosystem not only gets first-party treatment by ITP but also stays in sync no matter what API changes you make. If one of your vendors is down for two seconds, our replay logic ensures nothing is lost.

BONUS BENEFIT: Website speed

Instead of removing browser tags, MetaRouter reintegrates them using a proprietary server-side approach that reduces latency by ~900ms for every three integrations.

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Companies that dedicate resources to customer data infrastructure will not only see data accuracy benefits now, but also in the future, no matter what legislation and third-party cookie changes are made.


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